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…Can you answer these questions for other photographers?



1 thought on “Ask a Photo Nerd”

  1. I have a Canon 70D, Canon 430EXii, (3) Yongnuo YN622C E-TTL flash trigger transceivers (I ordered a pair of these, but a 3rd was included in another box – ???) I do more landscape photography than anything. I’m in the early stages of understanding flash photography, but am eager about learning more and more.

    I realize I should use what I have until I’m fully versed with the functionality, but recently seeing the prices of the Yongnuo flashes, and high talk of them, I feel compelled to experiment with more than one flash, too! For the second flash I’m interested in the Yongnuo YN600EX-RT as a master. What configurations can I use with what I have, and the YN600EX-RT? Is there redundancy with the transmitters and the newer flash? Is it even complimentary with what I already have? Or, what would you recommend that I should add to what I already have?

    If I purchased a new flash, I feel that I would have all these cool toys around me, but really wouldn’t understand what potential I have with them!

    Thanks for any help,

    Eric Brown
    Homer, Alaska

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