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How To Use an ND Filter in 8 Easy Steps

In Landscape/Nature by Julian Baird0 Comments

In this article, I will share with you a robust and repeatable workflow that will ensure that each time you use an ND filter you’ll get great results.  The Neutral Density (ND) filter remains an essential piece of equipment for many photographers.  Their use can extend exposure times to several minutes and can make focusing and exposure tricky, so having a solid workflow …

The 20 Best Tripod Options Under $500

In Gear by Mark Morris2 Comments

  Several month ago I read an article by Jim Harmer that highlighted 6 Pro Tripods for Serious Landscape Photographers.  That’s an awesome article, and it covers 6 amazing tripods, but as a very serious photographer, it didn’t actually cover the tripods that I would seriously want to know about.  It really got me to thinking – there are an overwhelming …

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How to Switch Camera Brands Without Losing Money

In Gear by Jim Harmer13 Comments

I have switched camera brands multiple times over the last 10 years, and have always had the latest-and-greatest gear.  I shot a Canon camera system first, switched to Nikon, then went to Nikon full frame, then I shot Fuji for two years, and this week I bought a Sony a7rii to play with for a while.  Yet, I’ve spent next …

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In Gear by Frank Gallagher2 Comments

It’s time to start packing for that once-in-a-lifetime photography trip or family vacation.  There are plenty of gear lists out there, but this comprehensive packing list for travel photography is for people who want to make sure they have all the essentials for a photo adventure, from the camera to creature comforts.  You don’t want to carry 100 pounds of …

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Go Win Canon’s Incredibly Easy Sports Photography Contest

In News by Jim Harmer1 Comment

Canon just announced its Little League baseball photo contest, which it runs each year.  Yet another photo contest would not normally be news, except this one looks to be impossibly easy to win, and the prizes are significant. Past Winning Photos Check out these photos which won the contest in previous years: I certainly wouldn’t want to put down any …