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How to Create Stunning Milky Way Photos

In Landscape/Nature by Rusty Parkhurst6 Comments

Yes, it’s that time again! The time when the days become too long and the nights too short; when sleep deprivation seems to be the status quo for some; and when so many photographers voluntarily leave the comforts of home to hang out in the middle of nowhere in the dark for a few hours. …

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Big Results with Little Lights

In Photo Basics by Rick Ohnsman4 Comments

Most know that the word photography means “writing with light.”  But what type of light might that be?  Do you need expensive and specialized photo lighting equipment or can you with some ingenuity make compelling photos with cheap lighting creatively used? The first photographers of the early 1820’s could only use natural daylight.  Exposures could …

5 Times I Almost Quit Photography And How I Kept Going

In Photo Basics by Kirk Bergman3 Comments

I realized earlier this month that I had reached the 5 year anniversary of my “professional hobby” with landscape photography.  It was January 2013 that I started taking my photography seriously, getting better at it, and producing impressive photos.  I remember walking through a few photo galleries in Park City, UT and thinking, “I could …

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A Sneak Peek At The Brand New Lensbaby Burnside 35

In Gear by Tracy Munson2 Comments

Today, Lensbaby announced their latest bundle of joy, the Burnside 35. They were kind enough to send me a top-secret advance copy of the lens a couple of weeks ago so that I would be ready to share my thoughts with the readers of Improve Photography. Here’s my take on the Burnside 35. The solid …

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LandscapePro: An in-depth review

In Post-processing by Christopher Mowers3 Comments

It seems that the era of computer assisted photo editing is arriving. Adobe is making news with Sensei, but there are other companies at it as well. One of those companies is Anthropics, makers of LandscapePro. I set out this week to put the software through its paces and see what it could do, and …

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10 Tips for Traveling More Efficiently with Photo Gear

In Gear by Andy Perkins3 Comments

All great photography requires planning. Not just about the shoot, the weather, or the model. But about packing and transporting the gear, too. By concentrating on the goals of your trip, and learning to pack more creatively, it’s possible to take enough photo gear without over-packing or giving up the photo opportunities you want most. …

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14 iOS Camera Apps That Can Handle the Power of RAW

In Gear by Brad Goestsch4 Comments

If you’re like most people, you always have your smart phone ready to go at a moment’s notice. If you’re like me, you probably also have at least one DSLR, mirrorless or other dedicated “serious” camera system that you can access whenever the time comes. However, there are times when it just makes more sense …