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Five Good Reasons to Hire a Photography Guide

In Photo Locations by Frank Gallagher8 Comments

Do you really need to hire a photography guide when you travel?  After all, you know how to do the research. You use Google Earth, Flickr, 500px, Photographer’s Ephemeris, PhotoPills, and rGPS (Really Good Photo Spots—an app with a curated list of great photo locations and directions for finding them). You leave home with a …

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How to Edit a Day-to-Night Timelapse

In Post-processing by Nathan Goldberg4 Comments

If you’ve ever wondered how to photograph and edit day-to-night timelapses, fear not.  While making day-to-night timelapses may seem overwhelmingly difficult, it’s not.  The digital tools that we have today really simplify the workflow for creating them.  This is not to say that creating day-to-night timelapses is totally effortless.  There still is effort needed for …

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Lensbaby Sol 45 – Create Painterly Effects In Camera

In Gear by Tracy Munson5 Comments

Just how many types of blur are there? You might rightfully ask, and Lensbaby will respond “lots”. Their newest standalone lens, the Lensbaby Sol 45 was released today, and it takes creative blur to a whole new painterly level. I’ve had my hands on a beta model for several weeks now, and you can colour me …

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Best Months To Photograph Zion National Park

In Landscape/Nature by Nathan1 Comment

Summer vacations are wrapping up and school is beginning. It is also the time of year, people begin planning for the following years vacation. Since Utah has become a hotbed of vacationers, I figured I should impart a bit of photography knowledge to you wanderers who are visiting my state. Particularly I want to share …

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Why Photographers should use a NAS System for Storage

In Gear by Brent Huntley5 Comments

Some photographers love being out in the field making images.  Some photographers love being on their computer making their vision come to life through their editing.  Some photographers even like the business side of it all.  No photographers like dealing with storage.  As photographers, we shoot thousands and thousands of images a year, or a …

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9 ways to work faster in Lightroom

In Post-processing by Rick McEvoy7 Comments

In this article I will give you 9 tips on how to speed up working in Lightroom. Lightroom has gone through the hideously slow phase, and if you do all these things you will find, like I have, that editing in Lightroom is just fine these days. Do you want to speed up working in …