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Lightroom vs. Capture One: An in depth comparison

In Post-processing by Christopher Mowers2 Comments

The photography world is on fire right now with all the changes to Adobe’s non-destructive photo editor product, Lightroom CC. The future of Lightroom has been quiet and mysterious for the past few years, but at this point, Adobe has made their intentions fairly clear. All-New Lightroom CC, with its cloud storage and artificial intelligence …

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Using a Tracking Mount for Landscape Astrophotography

In Gear by Brad Goestsch5 Comments

If you want to take your landscape astrophotography to the next level, you should take a good look at tracking mounts. In short, a tracking mount rotates to negate the perceived movement of the night sky allowing for the use of longer exposures, smaller apertures and thus lower ISOs. This all equates to better representation …

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8 Goofs to Avoid When Selling Used Photography Gear Online

In Gear by Andy Perkins3 Comments

Selling photo gear online is a great way to generate some extra money, give others in the photography community a chance to acquire new gear, and–let’s face it–make room for more gear!  To do it successfully, you not only need to be honest. You also need to be specific about your gear and the terms …

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8 Cures for Your Photography Funk

In Features, Photo Basics by Brenda Petrella2 Comments

We’ve all had those “off” days. The light isn’t great, the weather is “meh”, you forget to grab charged batteries, your tripod head keeps sticking, you get stuck in traffic and so have less time to explore and shoot. The list could go on and on. Whatever the catalyst, we photographers have days (sometimes weeks!) …

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Juxtaposition in Photography: what it is and 5 examples

In Photo Basics by Nathan Goldberg2 Comments

Juxtaposition isn’t a concept that is often talked about among photographers, but it’s likely a technique you’ve been using in your photography without even knowing it. It’s a big word but an easy concept. Juxtaposition is just another term for contrast. We’re already familiar with contrast in terms of contrasting light…shadows and highlights…whites and blacks.  …

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Clamshell Lighting: What it is and How to Do it

In Portrait, Uncategorized by Alex LawsonLeave a Comment

Nothing catapults the quality of portrait photography quite like off-camera flash – and few lighting setups impress quite like clamshell lighting. If you want your headshot and portrait photography to jump to the next level with minimal gear, minimal cost, and minimal complexity then clamshell lighting might be just the thing you’ve been looking for. …

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How to Frame a Photo Print on the Cheap

In Features by Michael AllenLeave a Comment

Framing is an incredible experience. If you have never had an opportunity to frame your work, you should try it. Take one of your absolute favorite images, print it (as with all things photography – the bigger the better), and have it framed. Either learn how to do it yourself, or take it to a …