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Canon 6D Mark II Specs Leaked

In News by Jim Harmer18 Comments

The Canon 6D is one of the most popular cameras among Improve Photography readers.  In fact, it’s the third most popular camera among Improve Photography readers (following the Nikon D750 and the Canon 5D Mark III).  The Canon 6D Mark II will undoubtedly be a popular camera as well. Nokishita Camera leaked the specs of the upcoming 6D Mark II. …

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5 Tips for Running your Photography Business like a Business

In Marketing/Business by Bryan Striegler3 Comments

There’s a well known saying that can describe photographers: starving artist. It’s tough being a photographer and most photographers are part time because they either can’t make enough money or are afraid to go full time. Why is that though? Why can’t becoming a professional photographer be as realistic as becoming a teacher or owning a coffee shop? There are …

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A Guide to the Cheapest Full-Frame Cameras Available

In Gear by Brent Huntley15 Comments

The first thing to get out of the way is this article is not intended in any way to advise any reader on whether they need a full frame camera or whether they need a Nikon, Canon, Sony or any other brand.  I am a firm believer that a decent photographer can make great images with any modern camera body.  …

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How Long Does a DSLR Last?

In Gear by Rusty Parkhurst8 Comments

  At some point in the process of purchasing a camera, you may have wondered “how long does a DSLR last”.  It’s a logical question.  Even if you’re purchasing an entry level camera, it is still a fairly expensive item and you want to be sure it’s a good investment.  Although it could be argued (and probably rightly so) that …

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50 Popular Hashtags For Landscape Photography

In Landscape/Nature by Tracy Munson0 Comments

Since Instagram dumped the chronological feed last year, hashtagging your photos has never been more important. Photos that don’t get a lot of engagement within a short period after being posted will drop further and further down on followers’ feeds and into obscurity. If you love capturing epic photos of the great outdoors, you’ll want to copy this list of …