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Where do Photographers Sign Prints?

In Marketing/Business by Kirk Bergman3 Comments

Signing a print is like putting a cherry on an ice cream sundae.  A professionally shot, edited, printed, and produced photograph doesn’t feel quite right without the photographer’s signature on it.  Some photographers prefer not to sign their prints for various reasons.  The two most common reasons I’ve heard are because they are afraid their …

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9 Tips to take your landscape photography to the next level

In Landscape/Nature by Rusty Parkhurst18 Comments

Landscape photography has always been my favorite shooting genre. There’s something intriguing about being outside, soaking up the sights and sounds all around, and basking in the wonderment of our natural world. The ability to capture moments in time makes it all more interesting. Capturing amazing landscape images, whether they are in some epic location …

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Getting Started in Infrared Photography

In Photo Basics by Brad Goestsch2 Comments

If you’re looking for something completely new to add to your photographic endeavors, this guide to getting started in infrared photography is exactly what you need. Perhaps you’re in a rut or perhaps you just want to try something new or do something that not a lot of other people are doing (yet). The ethereal …

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Which Room Should Your Home Studio Go in?

In Photo Locations by Andy Perkins4 Comments

If your photography hobby gets serious enough, you are going to have to have some place to store your gear. If you do any post-processing, you’re going to want a quiet place to march through your workflow efficiently. But for many photographers, it doesn’t stop with gear storage and a quite place to use your …