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26 Tips for Photographing in Tuscany

In Photo Locations by Bastian Bodyl1 Comment

Tuscany is a Region in Italy with a lot of hills, smaller and bigger historic towns and beautiful details. The whole region is a big photography playground and covers everything from underwater to drone photography. This article gives you some inspiration and ideas for your trip to photographer’s paradise Tuscany. 1 – Go by Car …

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Backup Your Photos on the Go: Colorspace UDMA 3 Review

In Gear by Bryan Striegler6 Comments

Have you ever run out of space on your memory card while shooting or have you ever lost images? I’ve actually had both happen, and both situations were horrible. When I first started shooting weddings, I only had maybe three memory cards and the biggest was around 500mb, which was a decent size for back …

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Dodging and Burning Pro Tips in Photoshop

In Post-processing by Brian Pex5 Comments

  What Is Dodging and Burning? Dodging and Burning in Photoshop is a term that was taken from the old film days of photography. Simply put, dodging is lightening pixels in today’s digital world and burning is the darkening of the pixels. It is all about adding contrast to images. Contrast is king, after all. …

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Lightroom Changed Today: What you need to know in 5 minutes

In News by Jim Harmer17 Comments

What Happened? Adobe announced that Lightroom, as we know it, will now be known as “Lightroom Classic CC.”  There is a new version called “Lightroom CC” and it’s completely new and cloud-based. If you decide to continue using the regular old Lightroom Classic, then not much will change for you.  The new version has a …

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24 Things I Wish I Knew Before Photographing a Wedding

In Features by Michael Allie0 Comments

Are you getting ready to do wedding photography? Where do you start?  If you are thinking about cameras, lighting and other aspects of taking a picture, you are only scratching the surface of what you need to become a successful wedding photographer. Technical competence in taking wedding pictures merely lets you think about the idea …

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Review of the Aqua Backpack and Sling Bag from Miggo

In Gear by Brent Huntley3 Comments

Miggo is an interesting company that I have written about twice before on Improve Photography.  I first learned about them when I saw a Kickstarter for their Agua Storm-Proof Holster.   I was immediately intrigued, got my hands on one, and reviewed it in this article from last year.  During that process, I got to know …

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The Lensbaby Trio 28: An Exercise in Creativity

In Gear by Rusty Parkhurst2 Comments

Anyone who has had the opportunity to use any of the Lensbaby lenses knows the unique effects that can be achieved with them. The Lensbaby Trio 28 is no exception. However, this lens is a little different than the other Lensbaby offerings. This article will explore how this lens operates and how using it may …

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A Beginner’s Guide to High-Speed Photography

In Photo Basics by Rick Ohnsman21 Comments

So you’re feeling the “Need for Speed?”  You’ve seen some of those cool high-speed photos of dynamic action totally frozen and want to know what it takes to make them.  You want to try a little “photo wizardry,”  maybe stop things in mid-air?  Well, let’s show you how. The longer you are a photographer, the …