Adobe Updates Lightroom to 5.7

Lightroom 5.7 UpdateAdobe adds RAW support for new camera bodies, an Aperture import utility to Lightroom, and a few other minor updates in version 5.7!





Adobe has released an update to Lightroom, their very popular photo organization and post-processing tool.  If you don't know what Lightroom is or how it can help improve your photography, check out the awesome course Jim and Darin offer over at photoclasses.com.  Version 5.7 is a minor update that adds some small features to the synced collections between desktop and mobile, RAW support for 24 new camera bodies, tethering support for 2 new bodies, profile lens support for 57 new lenses, a tool to import Apple Aperture and Apple iPhoto libraries, and some minor bug fixes.

Details of the update from Adobe can be found here.

Anything Exciting?

If your camera RAW files weren't supported until now (do you hear the cheers from the users of the new Canon 7DMII?), or you have been a user of Apple's popular competitor to Lightroom called Aperture, then this is a very exciting update .  Otherwise, not much to see here, but it is usually a good idea to be using the latest version.  After all, you may have been bitten in the past by one of those minor bug updates that are now fixed.

Remember to Backup

As with any update to any software, make good backups of your data before applying an update.  In this case you should backup your Lightroom library files to make sure you can roll back if something bad happens.  I personally felt like some kind of problem was introduced in the PC version 5.6 compared with 5.5 as things really seemed to slowdown in the develop module.  Rolling back to 5.5 made everything speed up again.  I am excited to try out 5.7 and see if the develop module is at least as fast as it was for me in 5.5.

Let us know if you are updating and if you notice anything good or bad about the update in the comments.

This post was contributed by Improve Photography editor Jeff Harmon


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