Shooting for the Stars – Interview with 2013 Astrophotographer of the Year: Mark Gee [IP94]

Jim & Darin are joined by 2013 Astrophotographer of the year Mark Gee.  Mark joins us from Wellington, New Zealand & shares his insights into Astrophotography & Night Photography.  Examples of his work can be found on his Art of Night Website.

What's in this episode:

  • A discussion of what an established Astrophotographer like Mark tosses into his camera bag before a shoot.
  • Camera settings needed to pull of a successful shoot of the cosmos at various points in the evening.
  • The importance of getting the composition by knowing how to operate your camera in the dark.
  • Carefully considering the composition & focus.
  • Mark's technique for focusing in the dark beyond simply using infinity focus.
  • The best ways to photograph portraits & interesting items in the foreground & background with night photography.
  • Techniques Mark uses to do panoramas of the night sky.

Resources Mentioned:

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