How to back up Lightroom Presets on a Windows Computer


There is nothing more devastating or sickening then to turn on your laptop and have nothing happens – no lights, no Windows splash screen, no Windows chime. Or even better, the dreaded BSOD – known commonly as the Blue Screen of Death! That’s when you suddenly realize that all your important documents, your only copy CONTINUE

Turn This Lightroom Setting ON!

The box "Automatically write changes into XMP" should be CHECKED ON!

I have been neck deep in Lightroom lately (AKA I just “might” be working like a mad man on the Lightroom class you’ve all been asking for).  There are hundreds of settings and buttons and thingamajigs in the software, but there is one simple check box that will cause you extreme frustration if you overlook CONTINUE

What Photographers Need to Know About Sharpening for the Web and Print

sharpening for web

Steve McGanity, a reader from England (or do you prefer UK?) asked a question regarding sharpening in response to my article on tips for sharper photos. In the article, I briefly mentioned that photographers need to sharpen photos that will be used on the web differently than photos that will be printed.  Steve wanted to CONTINUE