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How to Choose Your Next Lens

In Gear by GregNoel9 Comments

One of the biggest decisions every photographer has to make is what should their next lens be.    There are hundreds of options available and navigating through the vast sea of options can be quite daunting.  Nikon currently has over 170 lenses available and Canon has over 80 in their EF Lineup alone. Then add the …

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Best Lenses for Real Estate Photography

In Gear by Kirk Bergman7 Comments

Just like shooting weddings or landscapes, real estate photography has it’s own set of requirements to get the best images.  And the lens you use for shooting portraits or the Milky Way might not get you the best results if you are shooting real estate.  I know, like you need another reason to go out and …

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Review of the Lensbaby Composer Pro II with Edge 50 Optic

In Gear by Brent Huntley6 Comments

Lensbaby is a lens company most photographers have heard of, but a lot have never tried.  They aren’t like Tamron or Sigma or the other companies that are trying to compete with your camera manufacturers.  Lensbaby throws a whole different dynamic into the lens game by offering lenses that are all about creativity and fun.  …

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Fuji XF 27mm f/2.8 R Lens Review: Convenience over Quality

In Gear by Brent Huntley3 Comments

I’ve been testing out the Fujifilm XF 27mm f/2.8 lens for the last little while and wanted to share my thoughts and a PRACTICAL review. Background: I switched to Fujifilm last October after much debate (I love it and am so happy Jim Harmer’s endorsement finally pushed me over the edge).   I had a …

Yongnuo 50mm prime reviewed better than Canon?

In Gear by Jeff Harmon0 Comments

As a follow up post to this one a few days ago, a more in-depth review (although still more subjective than scientific), has come from Jay Levitt over at Petapixel.  Jay “tested” sharpness, flare, bokeh, and chromatic aberration and offers some sample images from both the Yongnuo and the Canon version of the lens. In the …

A Simple Guide to the Numbers and Acronyms on Your Lenses

In Gear by Jim Harmer10 Comments

Photography lens manufacturers use all sorts of abbreviations and acronyms to explain the features of their lenses.  In an effort to educate use, the photography lens manufacturers really just confuse us.  Hopefully you’ll understand a bit about the different lens feature abbreviations by reading this post. I can’t even tell you how many of my …

Teleconverters and autofocus: What every wildlife photographer should know

In Gear by Jim Harmer25 Comments

I received the following question via email and thought I should write a post here on to answer the question for the world.  Here’s the question: “I’m looking at buying a teleconverter for my Canon 100-400mm L f/4-5.6 IS lens but I am having difficulty determining if the1.4x or 2.0x teleconverter will still allow …

Review of

In Gear by Jim Harmer7 Comments

There are now several companies dedicated to renting lenses and other photography gear to photographers.,,, etc.  These companies charge you a fee for you to rent a lens for a few days or weeks and ship the lens right to your door.  When you’re done with the lens, you ship it back …

The Truth About Sharpness

In Photo Basics by Jim Harmer14 Comments

I remember the first time I saw a DVD.  I had heard people talking about how clear the picture looked on a DVD when compared to a VHS tape.  I remember sitting there during the movie thinking to myself that I couldn’t tell a difference in picture quality from a VHS and a DVD.  Years …

Wide-angle portraits

In Portrait by Jim Harmer6 Comments

Most people think of standard or telephoto lenses as being best suited for portrait photography, but never dare experiment with wide-angle lenses.  If your portrait photography is beginning to feel a bit stale, then try this new technique. Wide-angle lenses distort distances.  What is close to the lens seems unusually large, and what is far …

What you probably don’t know about wide-angle lenses

In Landscape/Nature by Jim Harmer31 Comments

I have had the conversation dozens of time.  I’m teaching a workshop when I recommend that one of the students buy a wide-angle lens for landscape photography.  The response is classic: “Why do I need a wide angle lens when my kit lens is already an 18mm?  Isn’t that wide-angle?”  The answer isn’t just image …