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Improve Photography is a network of the most information-packed podcasts on photography available anywhere. Subscribe to our new shows on iTunes for free and you'll get a new 20 to 45 minute audio show downloaded to your phone automatically each day of the week. Best of all, it's completely free!

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Improve Photography Podcast
The Improve Photography Podcast is the original photography podcast, hosted by Jim Harmer and joined by all the hosts of the I.P. Network hosts in a weekly roundtable discussion on all genres of photography. Read more, see episodes, and subscribe. [/block_grid_item][block_grid_item] photo-taco-small

Photo Taco
Photo Taco is the only photography podcast with tips you can learn in the time it takes to eat a taco, or perhaps a burrito. Jeff Harmon hosts this twice-weekly podcast with quick, no-nonsense tips. Read more, see episodes, and subscribe.[/block_grid_item][block_grid_item]

Portrait Session Podcast
Portrait Session Podcast
Portrait session is a weekly podcast for portrait and people photographers. Erica Coffman, Darin Mellor, and Nick Page, all full-time professional portrait photographers, host the show and cover topics like flash, model releases, pricing, shooting portraits as a hobbyist, and more. Read more, see episodes, and subscribe.[/block_grid_item][block_grid_item] tripod-photography-podcast
Tripod: The nature photography show
Each week, Jim, Nick, and Majeed takes us into the world of nature photography, sharing the tips and tricks they use in landscape and wildlife photography. The show is one of the only dedicated nature photography shows on iTunes.Read more, see episodes, and subscribe. [/block_grid_item][/block_grid]

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  1. Timoteo Rodriguez

    I will like to learn more about how to use ,55-300mm nikon lens also 18-140 mm lens,i my nikon d 7200,

  2. In a recent episode, you mentioned that you wanted to interview about 8 podcast listeners on your show in the future. I have a pretty neat story to tell about how I am planning to monetize my images.

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  4. Hello, Marc here from CreativeLive. Hoping to get some details from you on us potentially sponsoring your podcast, assuming you still “publish.” Please do let me know. Thanks.

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