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Welcome to Tripod, the newest show on the Improve Photography Podcast Network. Tripod is the show for landscape, wildlife, night, and outdoor photographers.  Hosted by Jim Harmer, Nick Page, and Majeed Badizadegan, you'll learn landscape photography from the pros.

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jim-harmer2Jim Harmer
Jim Harmer had founded Improve Photography.com in 2011 and it has grown to one of the largest photography sites on the internet. He has been ranked in the top 20 photographers in the United States (#37 in the world). His works have been published in many of the largest traditional and online publications. He lives in Meridian, Idaho with his wife and two boys. Read more about Jim here.[/block_grid_item][block_grid_item]

Nick Page
Nick Page
Nick Page is a full-time professional photographer living in Dayton, Washington. Nick has a wide variety of photographic interests. He shoots weddings, landscapes, fine art, senior portraits, babies, sports, families, night photography, architectural photography… you name it.  Nick teaches photography workshops and works full time as a wedding and senior portrait photographer.

Majeed Badizadegan
Majeed Badizadegan is a landscape photographer who has lived in the Pacific Northwest for almost two decades. He has a passion for the outdoors and capturing nature in fleeting moments of rare light. He continues to meticulously hone his craft to create a unique and technically sound body of work. Majeed teaches photography classes year-round and leads workshops around the pacific northwest.



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