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What Kind of Camera Did Ansel Adams Use?

In Features by Brad Goestsch5 Comments

It would be easy to come out and just say “Ansel Adams’ Camera was a Deardorf 8×10 View Camera or a Hassleblad 500c Medium Format or any number of 4×5 cameras and 35 mm cameras among many other formats.” All would be true. Like most of us today, he wasn’t limited to just one specific …

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7 Mistakes Landscape Photographers Often Make in Post

In Post-processing by Kirk Bergman5 Comments

Perfecting your photos during post processing is an important final step of photography.  Some photographers choose to only make minor adjustments to exposure and contrast and others do extensive editing with exposure brushes, curves, selective saturation adjustments, and even compositing in Photoshop.  Whatever your editing preference, there are a few editing mistakes (or oversights) that …

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What is AE-Lock on a Camera?

In Photo Basics by Frank Gallagher4 Comments

You’ve seen the little button on your camera and wondered “What the heck is AE-Lock? What does it do? Is it something I should be using and, if so, when?” This article will cover the ins and outs of what you need to know about Auto Exposure Lock. What is AE-Lock? Auto Exposure Lock is …