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9 ways to work faster in Lightroom

In Post-processing by Rick McEvoy7 Comments

In this article I will give you 9 tips on how to speed up working in Lightroom. Lightroom has gone through the hideously slow phase, and if you do all these things you will find, like I have, that editing in Lightroom is just fine these days. Do you want to speed up working in …

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What Photographers Should Know About Trespassing

In Landscape/Nature by Andy Perkins6 Comments

Landscape and wildlife photographers sacrifice time, comfort, and convenience to capture images of nature’s beauty. Most of us would say it’s worth it. But with all that driving and hiking around during the wee hours when even a racoon would just hit the snooze button and go back to sleep, it can be difficult to …

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Tips for Shooting at Mid-Day

In Photo Basics by Rick Ohnsman14 Comments

  Name the best time of day to shoot photos.  Most photographers, particularly those specializing in landscapes, are apt to say “The Golden Hour,” that time within an hour of sunrise or sunset when the light is warm, low, and generally softer.  Cinematographers have a similar term, “The Magic Hour,” which is the hour before …

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How to Pick the Right Camera Bag or Luggage for Travel

In Gear by Brent Huntley5 Comments

Picking the right way to carry your camera gear while traveling is essential to have a good vacation.  Picking the wrong bag or luggage is a sure fire way to make your travel uncomfortable, burdensome or risky (for your gear).  I travel a lot, some within the United State, but a good portion of it …

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Setting Up Epic Vehicle Shoot in Two Hours

In Photo Basics by Bastian Bodyl2 Comments

In this article I want to show how you can make epic photos within two hours from the shooting to the final picture. This is a good project for photography beginners to learn about the exposure triangle and editing. It is also a possible income source for photographers. There are a lot people who like …