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15 Tips for protecting your gear from the Weather

In Gear by Frank Gallagher

Imagine a trip of a lifetime to Iceland.  You’re at the imposing Seljalandsfoss, a 200’ tall waterfall that you can walk behind.  The sun is low on the horizon and you have a marvelous composition.  You go to take a picture and . . . nothing.  The mist from the waterfall got into your lens, …

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Advanced searching in Lightroom Classic with Excire Search

In Post-processing by Rick McEvoy

If you want to get enhanced search capabilities in Lightroom Classic you need to buy a plugin – Adobe Sensei search technology is only available in Lightroom CC. Excire Search is a new plugin offering advanced search capabilities in Lightroom Classic which I will describe in this article. Before I go on full disclosure I …

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GoPro – Good enough for an advanced Photographers

In Gear by Bastian Bodyl

Nearly every photographer has one or wants to buy one, a GoPro. But is a GoPro good enough for an advanced photographer? Is the 400 $ investment worth it? The short answer is no. A GoPro is a nice toy but not good enough for an advanced photographer. This does not mean you cannot make …

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Where to Find Photography Deals and Save Money?

In Gear by Bryan Striegler

Happy Friday to everyone, and I’m sure we are all aware that next week is Thanksgiving and we are one week away from Black Friday. This is a good time to save money on everything out there, photography related items included. I’m am not the type to wait in lines for days to get those …

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9 Tips to Battle Cold Weather and Create Great Images

In Landscape/Nature by Rusty Parkhurst

For landscape photographers, and others who do most of their photography outdoors, creating great images can become more challenging when the mercury dips below freezing. Not only do frigid cold temperatures make it more difficult to get motivated to go outside, but it is just so much more cumbersome when you do get out. How …

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To Improve Your Photography – Seek Critique!

In Photo Basics, Uncategorized by Rick Ohnsman

Most of you reading this article have likely posted your photos online for others to see and offer comments.  If on Facebook, almost any decent posted image is bound to get a few “Likes.”  You might even get a comment or two, something like “Nice Shot!”  If all you’re doing is fishing for compliments and …

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Six Questions to Ask at a Photo Exhibit

In Photo Basics, Uncategorized by Frank Gallagher

Everybody knows that you can learn from looking at the work of great photographers.  The question is: how?  Do you simply absorb knowledge by being in the same room with a bunch of Ansel Adams prints?  Or do you have to be more purposeful about it? I wondered about that as I visited an exhibition …

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Create Your Photo Website On The Cheap With Adobe

In Marketing/Business by Brad Goestsch

If you have a subscription to Adobe’s Creative Cloud, either the photography bundle or the “All Apps” plan, you have the ability to utilize Adobe Portfolio to host your website at no additional cost to you!  The only added cost beyond what you’re already paying for your CC subscription would be the purchase of a …

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Teleconverter – good enough for an advanced photographer?

In Gear by Bastian Bodyl

A teleconverter is a small piece of glass that extends the focal length. You can put it between the lens and the camera body. Most teleconverters have a zoom factor of 1.4 or 2. The disadvantage is that the aperture decreases by the same factor. Teleconverters also have a bad reputation, because many photographers associate …

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Getting Mindshift Gear Quality in the Smaller Backlight 18L

In Gear by Brent Huntley

Not too long ago, I reviewed the Mindshift Gear Backlight 36L, which is my favorite hiking camera bag at the moment.  I love the Backlight 36L because it is very functional without any big gimmicks, and is just always very reliable for me.  However, it doesn’t work for every situation.  It is a fairly big …