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Battle of the Bokeh: Lensbaby Twist 60 vs Helios 44-2

In Gear by Tracy Munson2 Comments

Bokeh refers to the way a lens handles points of light that are not in focus. From well-defined starbursts at f16 or higher, down to big, soft, blurry balls at f2.8 or lower, a lens is judged on how well these effects please the eye.  Most of the big players in the lens manufacturing world are focused on creating the softest, …

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How to Take Good Pictures: A non-photographer’s guide

In Photo Basics by Rusty Parkhurst0 Comments

The question of how to take good pictures is one that comes up frequently, regardless of skill level or the gear being used.  We all want to take good pictures.  I would think that no one grabs their camera or smartphone to capture a moment with the intent of taking a “bad” picture. It seems that every family has a …

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Headshot Photography Pricing Guide for Photographers

In Marketing/Business by Pete LaGregor0 Comments

Headshot photography somewhat unique from a pricing perspective because it is a mix between portrait photography and commercial photography.  It is also a specialty that I have relatively little experience in.  So I recently sat down with one of the top portrait and commercial photographers in the Colorado area, Connor Hibbs, to chat with him about headshot pricing. What I …

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12 Tips for Selling Photography Prints from A Website

In Marketing/Business by Kevin D. Jordan5 Comments

Selling photography prints from a website is a satisfying way to get your photos into a tangible form and up on someone’s wall.  In addition, it is a relatively flexible way to make some income off of your photography on your own schedule.  While in-person sales (IPS) can be a very effective way to sell prints to a client, some …

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How To Preserve The Environment While Photographing

In Landscape/Nature by Nathan3 Comments

This article has been bouncing around in my head for a bit and one that I don’t think has ever been written. As landscape photographers we are often traveling far and wide to get epic shots. We find ourselves in wet muddy environments multiple days in a row. Often these locations are far from one another, and as a biologist …

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13 Real Estate Photography Tips and Mistakes

In Marketing/Business by Kirk Bergman5 Comments

In my journey to learn and master real estate photography, I have learned a few things the easy way and learned more things the hard way.  There are tons of sites out there offering advice for shooting real estate photography with many of them giving advice so watered down you are left wondering how long the author has actually owned …