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How to Register Your Photographs With the U.S. Copyright Office

In Uncategorized by Brenda Petrella6 Comments

Are your photographs protected against copyright infringement? What rights do you have and how do you properly protect your images from theft? This article will review the basics of copyright protection for photography and how to incorporate copyright registration into your normal workflow. Full disclosure: I am not giving any legal advice or legal interpretation …

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11 New Year’s Resolutions for Photographers

In Features by Brad GoestschLeave a Comment

Regardless of where we stand in our photography, there is always something we can do a little better. And, let’s face it, those typical cliché New Year’s resolutions like, “lose some weight” or “stick to my budget” are doomed to failure before we even hit January 1. So, perhaps we should focus our efforts on …

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Product Review: Black Rapid WandeR Bundle

In Gear by Michael AllenLeave a Comment

Have an extra $20 in Christmas cash you’re unsure how to spend? Love using your smartphone while you’re out photographing for behind the scenes shots, or just snapshots of your adventures that you don’t want to edit later? Afraid you’ll drop your $1,000 phone and crack the screen? Enter the WandeR bundle by Black Rapid. …

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How to Export from Lightroom Basics

In Photo Basics by Bastian Bodyl2 Comments

In this article, you can read about the different export possibilities in Lightroom CC and Lightroom classic. Lightroom has some powerful tools to make the export easy but most photographer do not know them. It is also a comparison of the export possibilities in the new Lightroom CC and Lightroom classic. Lightroom CC The export …

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Flashpoint eVOLV 200 review

In Gear by Bryan Striegler2 Comments

Technology is always changing and always updating, especially in photography. Every week there’s a new body, a new flash, or something else. Things are always getting better. I remember the first memory cards I had. I think they were 256mb. I thought that was huge! Now, it would hold like 10 photos. Unless you want …