Does Saving a JPEG Multiple Times Reduce Image Quality?

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This article is an in-depth explanation from my article “12 Photography Myths Every Photography Should Know.” When photographers start debating the advantages of shooting RAW rather than JPEG, I inevitably hear that one advantage of shooting in RAW is that you can save it multiple times without reducing image quality. In theory, this is absolutely true.  Every time a JPEG …

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Does Mirror Lock-Up Actually Improve Sharpness?

In Landscape/Nature by Jim Harmer17 Comments

This article is a separate explanation for my testing of how UV filters negatively impact image quality, and is referenced in my article “13 Photography Myths Every Photographer Should Know.” What is mirror lock-up? Mirror lock-up is a feature on almost all DSLRs that allows the photographer to flip up the mirror in the camera and then wait for any …

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What is weather sealing on a camera?

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Wind, rain, dust and dirt can be the downfall of even the most careful and cautious photographer. Fortunately, most DSLRs have some form of internal protection with weather sealing. But don’t be fooled – weather sealing is not the same as water resistant, and it is most certainly not the same as waterproof! However, weather sealing does block out the …