GoPro Stolen by a Bald Eagle and Carried to Nest

Matt Beedle of Juneau, Alaska wanted to capture some close-up footage of a bald eagle. He set down his GoPro to record near a tree stump and waited for the eagle to land. It did… and then picked up his camera and took off.

The footage is pretty incredible.

11 thoughts on “GoPro Stolen by a Bald Eagle and Carried to Nest”

      1. Only when you are enticing eagles to take it to make a commercial. Then you out a GPS tracker on it so that you can retrieve it. Still super cool they got the eagle to steal it.

  1. Footage was great until you dub red tail hawk sounds over the chirpy cackle of the eagle. Sad

  2. Lol!!!! I thought it was hilarious!!!! And I l loved the background music and the ending was epic with the eagle putting her head down and looking at the camera between her legs. My goodness it doesn’t get any better than that I’m guessing your camera is the property of our majestic eagle????

  3. A few weeks ago I left my house carrying a red box with all my bingo papers in it (I run the bingo games at the senior center here) and an eagle came out from nowhere and took the red box right out of my hands and flew down the street with it ad disappeared up in the hills. I think it ended up nesting material!

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