Canon 7D Mark II Torture Test: How many continuous photos until the shutter burns out?

Youtuber ContinueCrushingTech did a hard-to-watch torture test of the Canon 7D Mark II.  He put his finger on the shutter button… and just kept it there… all day.  Yes, even while eating his delicious PB&J for lunch, and while trying to change the channel.

If you're watching the video, skip ahead to 19:20, which is where the shutter finally gives up.  In the end, the camera went to 199,571 photos before giving up–extremely close to what it's rated for.  Obviously, shooting the photos all at once heats up the parts and almost certainly made it give up sooner than it probably would under normal use.  Most shutters go far past the limit they're rated to.

His test was to determine how accurate the shutter rating is that Canon gives to its cameras.  The Canon 7D Mark II is rated at 200,000 shutter actuations.

Story idea from DIYPhotography.net

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