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There are hundreds of pages of great photography tips and tutorials on ImprovePhotography.com for you to learn photography, but if you're new to the website you may have missed some of our best articles from the past.  So here are our best bits, separated by topics of interest.

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5 thoughts on “Best of ImprovePhotography.com!”

  1. Bill Thompson

    Hi, Jim,

    I’m a long-time amateur photographer who has never progressed much beyond the postcard stage. As a result of a recent trip to New Mexico and exposure to an old friend who has become an amazing photographer, I have subscribed to Photoshop CC, and I bought the Nik Collection. I have no idea how to use any of that yet, but I’m going to the fundamentals by reading and listening to as much about photography as I can.

    I am so impressed with your podcasts and website; I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone so obviously dedicated to the interest of his followers! Really, I think you’re absolutely remarkable, and I love listening to the podcast. I’m slowly learning a lot.

    Thanks so much, Jim!

  2. I don’t see anywhere on website, where I can ask a question. I have Nikon d4 and Nikon d800. I own 24-70, 70-200, macro 105, 50mm and Nikon 85 1.4. I’m looking for a wide angle zoom lens with fast glass. Do you have any suggestions for 3rd party good wide angle zoom lens, besides Nikon? I’m hoping to hear from you and hoped I am sending my question to the right place. Thanks for any help you can give me on this question. Also I have a second shooter that I use for weddings. I usually hang onto most of my lens for my two cameras. What would you suggest for a nice ex lens for my Nikon 7000 that I could put on for her that would give her more versatility than the 50 mm. I don’t want to stick to much money into this camera but need more than the 50 mm. Any suggestions to make our next wedding go a little smoother?

  3. Victoria Feng

    I’m so grateful that I find this site, thanks so much Jim for sharing your skills and experience!

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