You Might Be a Photographer If…. (Hilarious)

Hilarious article.  You might be a photographer if!  Photography jokes.
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Earlier today, I asked the community to write their answers to “You might be a photographer if…”  I can't stop laughing!  You guys are hilarious.

I thought you'd all enjoy these photography jokes.

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Top Ten Reasons You Might Be a Photographer

10.  You have nightmares of people using the “P mode”  we won't even talk about the “green mode.”  That's just too scary.

9.  30,000 family photos neatly categorized in Lightroom.  Zero photos of you.

8.  When at a car dealership, you translate the price of a car in your head to “Six 5D Mark II's.”  Your last power bill cost two monopods.

7.  Touchdown plays are somewhat distracting because you can see the white glass on the sidelines

6.  You are frequently greeted with “What are you taking a picture of?!?” instead of “hello.”

5.  You'd rather buy the shirt that more closely resembles 18% gray

4.  Your carry-on is heavier than your checked bags

3.  You describe disgusting old dilapidated barns as “beautiful”  (via Lori Anderson)

2.  Number of lenses > Pairs of shoes you own (Carsten Deutschmann)

1.  You actually believe a wizard could fit in your pocket

Other Hilarious Photographer Jokes

You're now on your fifth tripod, and you finally decide it's time to buy a Gitzo

You're somewhat troubled by the fact that you don't know how to calculate the shutter speed of your eyes when you blink

When performing daily duties, you adjust the angle of your head or change your line of vision for a more interesting composition (Erica Lampley)

You look at a desk full of tax returns and wonder how you could photograph the stack (Dave McKenzie)

You've gotten a ticket for an illegal u-turn– to go back for THE shot (Becca Morrison)

Your neighbors admit to you that they don't take pics of their own kids playing outside anymore because they know YOU will be there doing it every chance you get! (Crystal Prahl)

Everyone hands you their cameras at family events and says”take some photos for me” (Khurt Williams)

You pity, and judge, members of the public when you see them using their big, fancy dSLR in… automatic… (Chad Dumbris)

the image taken as a visual memo with your phone has a sophisticated composition (Carsten Deutschmann)

The sign “no flash photography” means nothing to you and makes you laugh, because YOU don't need a flash (Michael Kilian)

You no longer need a purse because your lipgloss and ID fit just fine in your camer bag (Megan Jeffries and Maureen Lingle)

You think in f-stops (Jackie Buys)

You will starve yourself and hold your urine just to get that last 30 minutes of the golden-hour of the day! (Crystal Prahl)

You try to go “full manual” with your p&s or phone camera (Larry Wright)

You are driving past “scary” parts of town and can't wait to use it for a shoot! (Jennifer Fisser)

You have finally become oblivious to the odd stares you get when you whip out your camera to take a sweet shot that no one else seems to notice but you (Deborah Austin)

You watch a movie and pay more attention to the aperture then what's happening in the movie (Celicia Steidl)

While wearing polarizing sunglasses, you rotate your head left and right to assess what impact your circular polarizing filter might have on a potential shot (Ron Tripp)

The camera in your hand is more comfortable than the tennis shoes on your feet (JK Bane)

You wish you had a camera installed in your retina (Kellie Allen)

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56 thoughts on “You Might Be a Photographer If…. (Hilarious)”

  1. #4 (Carry-on heavier than checked luggage) is my favorite. I recently went on a 2 day trip and tried to avoid checking luggage. I struggled with how to fit clothing into my camera bag and lamented that I didn’t have a camera bag designed to also hold clothing.

    PS – In the end, the laptop stayed at home so I could pack a few changes of clothing. Socks fit into lens pockets for lenses I left at home.

  2. Those are so funny! I can’t relate to all of them, but definitely quite a few, and I don’t even have DSLR yet! (I’m at the bridge camera stage)

  3. If that’s the case, then I might really be a photographer ’cause I’m guilty beyond reasonable doubt, LOL! I must say, this is a very good and funny post but you dint mention if you’re guilty of these things or not, haha!

  4. This list is reassuring in that I’m not odd for doing many of these things, but in good company. [LMAO] I definitely take my polarized sun glasses with me on every shoot and I definitely have a gazillion family photos and I’m in probably 3 or 4 of them

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