Lr Embedded Preview Workflow [Photo Taco]

Jeff Harmon walks through how to significantly speed up you culling process in Lightroom by using the Embedded Preview workflow:

  1. Disable background processes (pause syncing to Lr CC, pause addresses lookup, pause face detection)
  2. Set critical preferences (Camera Raw Cache at least 50GB, enable “Use Smart Previews instead of Originals for Image Editing”, enabled Generate Previews in Parallel if you have a quad core CPU)
  3. Import using Build Previews of “Embedded & Sidecar”.  Do NOT check the box to Build Smart Previews”.  Do NOT add to a collection and sync to Lr CC.  Do not apply any import presets.
  4. Start culling as soon as Lightroom shows you the Library module grid view.  STAY in the Library module until culling is done.  Use the “g” key for the “grid” view and the “e” key for the loupe (“everything”) view.  Do NOT use quick develop in the Library module.  Do NOT go to the Develop module and do anything in there.
  5. Once done culling, filter down to the images that have survived and then choose Library->Previews->Build 1:1 Previews.  You can also put those images into a collection and mark that collection to be synced with Lr CC.
  6. Take a break to get some water, walk around for a few minutes, use the bathroom.

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  1. Hey Jeff, I attended your first session at the retreat and really listened to the process you describe in this episode. Thanks for recording it as an episode where I could now sit on my computer and follow along in Lightroom with the podcast playing. Since it was the second (or third or forth) time listening to the process, it made for a very smooth implementation. Thanks for all the time you spend running tests and making our lives for efficient!

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