Top 3 Things Taken From Retreat

As we record this episode here in late March 2018 we all just got back from the Create Photography Retreat held in Charleston South Carolina and we wanted to do a Roundtable episode talking about some unique things we took away from the Retreat this year.  Erica and Connor are going to be sharing their thoughts in an upcoming Portrait Session episode but today I have with me Brent Bergherm and Jim Harmer. Hey there guys!

I want to get some things from each of you that you took away from the Retreat this year that you either didn’t expect or was unique to the experience this year over what it was last year or maybe what the experience has been with other photography conferences.  Let me go over the three things I came up with and I’ll give you both a moment to think about it.

  • Jeff
    • It is incredible how powerful it is to be around a couple hundred people who are as passionate about photography as you are.
    • A tiny bit of instruction goes a LONG way! I love watching the light bulb go on as I help people make some connections they were missing and significantly improving their photography
    • Everyone LOVED doing flash photography.  Not just those who were doing portraits in natural light but there were a large number of landscape photographers
  • Brent
    • Participant involvement is just way more genuine at this conference. I’ve not been to too many photo conferences (Photoshop world 2x and NANPA 2x), but compared to conferences in general, the participants just get way more involved here.
    • I love the feedback from listeners. It’s just so great to hear how the topics affect their photography.
    • Middleton place was really cool, as was Magnolia.
    • The workshops were amazing. Amazing people, great spots. Charleston was an amazing place! Almost rained out on Sunday too! But we persevered.
  • Jim
    • A photo is only as good as its adventure
    • Don’t shoot lazy (Middleton)
    • Let photography serve you

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  1. Ok…I want to sign up for the 2019 Create Photography Retreat in Las Vegas.
    1. Where is the actual retreat? In a specific hotel?
    I would like to try to stay in the same hotel as the Retreat activities.
    2. Who do I contact to make a room reservation to get a discount that you mentioned? As an early registrant?
    Monique Giron – Carson City, Nevada
    Thank you – I am enjoying your Improve Photography Podcast!

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