IP Roundtable – Photographing Water

Topic 1: Photographing water

  • All of these tips apply to any type of water: waves, river, waterfall, etc.
  • Finding the best waterfalls
    • What makes the best waterfalls for a photo?
    • Rgps
  • Polarizing/ND
  • Time of day to shoot waterfalls
  • Composing waterfall photos
    • Leading lines
    • Get far back and include some environment
    • Smaller pieces of the waterfall/telephoto
  • Photographing waterfalls in winter/slippery conditions
    • Wear waders. ¬†Getting in the right spots
  • Keeping your lens clean
    • Huge microfiber cloth
    • Two lenses
  • Exposure time
    • Better to underexpose

Topic 2: Trip Planning

  • Google earth
  • Schmoozing visitor centers/hotel desk clerks
  • Local gazeteer
  • Hiking blogs

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1 thought on “IP Roundtable – Photographing Water”

  1. As wildlife photographer moving into other arenas landscape, waterfalls, waterscape, architecture etc.. Just ordered a Haida filter adapter/holder and filter system for the Tamron 15-30. Including square format CPL, graduated ND’s, reversed ND and ND’s. Along with the Feisol tournament ct 3442 and really right stuff BH40 and RRS Bracket for D850 with the battery pack. All this to use the D850 Tamron 15-30 combo.

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