21 Photography YouTube Channels to Subscribe To

YouTube is a fantastic resource for photographers.  There is a vast array of content to suit almost every photographer at any level.  There channels dedicated to education, on location shooting, entertainment and even news.  But with so many channels to pick from which channel’s should you subscribe to?  In this article, I’ll tell you about 21 channels that I think you should subscribe to.

Improve Photography

What do you mean you didn’t know Improve Photography has a YouTube channel?  The channel is packed full of content, from Jim Harmer photographing on location, discussions on photography technique, to meetups with the podcast hosts around the world.

You can subscribe to Improve Photography by clicking here.

Julian Baird – Landscape Photography

Yes, that’s right, the author of this very article has his own YouTube channel.  As you can tell from the title my channel is dedicated to landscape photography.  The goal of the channel is to inspire other landscape photographers with my adventures and stories.  Most of the content is filmed on location as I share with you the highs and lows of landscape photography.  You’ll also find me talking about photography books, gear and printing.

You can subscribe to Julian Baird – Landscape Photography by clicking here.

Craft & Vision

This channel is hosted by photographer, adventurer and author David duChemin.  The channel has a great variety of content from discussions on technique, viewer questions, the art of photography, and the occasional well-structured opinion piece.  I’ve watched every video on this channel and no matter what genre or level of photography you do there is sure to be something here for you.

You can subscribe to the Craft & Vision channel by clicking here.

Chase Jarvis

Over the years Chase Jarvis has become one of the better-known faces in photography.  He is well known for his creative ideas and passion, and his assignments will often see him hanging out of a helicopter, on the back of a boat or in some far-flung place. However, this channel is so much more than Chase himself and photography.  This channel is dedicated to anyone in the creative field and features viewer Q+A, interviews with other creatives and entrepreneurs, and discussions on being a creative.

The channel is both inspiring and informative, you can subscribe to Chase Jarvis by clicking on this link here.

John Free

At first glance, you may think there isn't a huge amount of content on John’s channel but with John, it’s very much a case of quality over quantity.  I first discovered the work of John Free when I watched his video Practice no Tension Street Photography.  Though I’m not a street photographer myself his mandate that photography is a skill and must be practised really hit home with me.  (I now practice photography a lot!).  In his channel, you’ll find John talking about the art of street photography, how to tell stories and how photography can create emotional connections with people.  You don’t have to be a street photographer to appreciate and learn from the content on this channel.

You can subscribe to John Free’s YouTube channel by clicking on this link here.

Nicole S. Young

Well respected photographer and writer, Nicole S. Young AKA Nicolesy, is best known for her stunning food photography.  Her YouTube channel is packed full of handy post processing tips and techniques.  The great thing about the content in the channel is that you’ll find it covers post processing with more than just Photoshop and Lightroom.  There’s content on Luminar, onOne Software, and Aurora HDR.

You can subscribe to Nicole’s channel by clicking on this link here.

David Dixon

Most of the channels I’ve have listed so far can all measure their subscriber count in the 10’s of thousands (or more).  However, there are plenty of smaller channels out there with great content.  If you watch David’s content you would never think he had been doing this less than a year.  His landscape photography stories and adventures are told with passion and meaning as he transitions his life from the 9 to 5 to become a full time professional.

One of his most recent videos, Developing a Different Approach to Photographing Landscapes, is a great example of what makes David’s channel so watchable.

You can subscribe to David Dixon’s channel by clicking on this link here.

Jared Polin

When it comes to photography YouTube channels they don’t come much bigger than Jared Polin AKA Fro Knows Photo.  Like or dislike his presentation style, there is no doubting Jared’s enthusiasm for creating great content.  There should be something on the channel for most people, including his news show Photo News Fix, the almost weekly roundtable discussion show RAW Talk, and his very detailed Real World Reviews.

His channel is fun and informative and is aimed at photographers of all levels.  You can subscribe to “The Fro” by clicking on this link here.

Chris Sale

Currently, the smallest channel on my list but this is in no way reflective of the quality of content on Chris’ channel.  Chris is a landscape photographer based near the stunning British national park, the Lake District.  Chris has a real passion for landscape photography and this comes across in bucket loads as he shares his photographic adventures.  With video titles such as Landscape Photography – It’s Stupid, and Landscape Photography – I’m Stupid, there is sure to be something there keep you entertained and get informed.

You can subscribe to Chris’ channel by clicking on this link here.

PhotoRec TV

The tagline of this channel is “Photography Explained Simply”, which pretty well tells you everything you need to know about what to expect on this channel.  Toby’s videos aim to help you to become a better photographer through his gear reviews and educational content.  His presentation style is both engaging and entertaining, making this channel worthy of adding it to your subscription list.

You can subscribe to PhotoRec TV by clicking on this link here.

Professional Photography Tips

Hosted by the hugely likeable Joshua Cribbs this channel has lots of entertaining photography lessons, tips and techniques.  Just watch one of Joshua’s videos and you’ll see just how enthusiastic he is about photography and with sharing his photographic knowledge.  On the channel, you’ll find content on gear, post-processing technique and in the field tips and tricks.

You can subscribe to Professional Photography Tips by clicking on this link here.

Thomas Heaton

There can’t be many landscape photographers who use social media who haven’t heard of Thomas Heaton.  But if you are one of the few that haven’t you can check out this interview he did on Improve Photography’s very own podcast show, Tripod (Episode 15 – Camping out with Thomas Heaton).  It was this very interview that introduced me to Thomas and I’ve been watching his content ever since.

On the channel, Thomas shares his adventures as he travels and photographs both his local area and a few international locations.  His passion for landscape photography is clear and he talks about both the technical and aesthetic elements of his photography.  Thomas isn’t shy about also showing you his failures which makes his content feel more real and relatable.  After all, we all fail at photography every now and again!

You can subscribe to Thomas’ YouTube channel by clicking on this link here.

Jessica Kobeissi

If fashion and portrait photography is your genre of photography then Jessica’s channel could be the one for you.  Her channel is full of practical tips and tutorials on both post-processing and on location shooting.  Even if this isn’t your type of photography you can still learn from and appreciate Jessica’s content as she delivers it in a lively and engaging way.

You can subscribe to Jessica’s channel by clicking on this link here.

Nick Page

Nick is an American photographer from the Pacific Northwest who is also workshop instructor, podcaster and speaker.  Though he shoots both weddings and portraits, it is his passion for landscape photography that you will mostly find on his YouTube channel.  On the channel, you will find Nick shooting both in his local area and further afield.  There is also a good mix of gear reviews and post-production tutorials.

You can subscribe to Nick’s channel by clicking on this link here.

Peter McKinnon

Though strictly not a pure photography channel there is a huge amount to learn from Peter’s channel.  Yes, there is photography content on there, but if you also shoot video, this channel becomes the one-stop shop for creators content.  Peter is both engaging and entertaining, and you can’t help but be inspired.  Just watch a few of his videos and you’ll be reaching for the camera to create something yourself.  His tips on using social media are also invaluable.  Oh, and he shares my passion for coffee so expect most videos to contain some of the caffeinated black stuff.

You can subscribe to Peter’s channel by clicking on this link here.

Camera store TV

Do you suffer from GAS (Gadget Addition / Acquisition Syndrome)?  Then it probably isn’t the channel for you as it is all about the gear!  Hosted by Chris Niccolls with additional content by Jordan Drake (the video guy), the content on this channel is very much focused on gear reviews.  The reviews are not only interesting and engaging but more importantly the cameras are put to use on location.  Recently the channel has started their TCSTV (The Camera Store TV) Live shows where they interview other photographers or camera manufacturers.

You can subscribe to Camera store TV by clicking on this link here.  Just don’t blame me if you end up buying that new camera you were lusting after!

Mads Peter Iversen

Mads describes his channel as having inspirational, educational and informative landscape photography video guides.  Well, I’m pleased to say that he delivers on all three of those promises.  His video series on Photographing the Faroe Islands is the epitome of inspiration.  First, you’ll probably wonder where the Faroe Islands are and then you’ll be looking to see how much flights are.  Wherever Mads is in the globe his videos are packed full of detail and really can be used as a location guide for photographers.  Looking for a bit of global location inspiration then this is the channel for you.

You can subscribe the Mads’ channel by clicking on this link here.

The Art of Photography

Hosted by the passionate Ted Forbes, The Art of Photography channel covers everything photography related.  You’ll find the normal gear talk, photography techniques and compositional tips, but where this channel offers something different is when Ted displays his in-depth knowledge of other photographers and the history of photography.

You can subscribe to The Art of Photography channel by clicking on this here.

Nick Carver

I’ve only recently discovered Nick’s channel and it looks like I’ve been missing out.  His videos beautifully document his time out with his cameras as he photographs some amazing and sometimes less well-known locations in America.  What makes his videos even more engaging is his use of medium and large format film cameras.  As a digital photographer myself, I find his use of these cameras fascinating.  Though not really a gear channel, his use of these amazing cameras adds an extra element of interest to his already highly engaging stories and photographs.

You can subscribe to Nick’s channel by clicking on this link here.

Steven Hanna

Steven is a wedding and landscape photographer from Northern Ireland.  His channel though very much focuses on his landscape photography adventures, and in particular his home area of County Antrim.  Steven’s passion, dedication and knowledge of his local area shines through in his videos as he battles weather conditions that would see some landscape photographers stay at home.

If you’re looking for well-told landscape photography stories from some really dramatic locations then be sure to subscribe to Steven’s channel by clicking on this link here.

Kai W

Many of you will know Kai as the face of the DigitalRev YouTube channel.  Now living in the UK, he has gone solo and is producing content for his very own channel.  He continues to entertain his viewers through his engaging content, delivered in a way that only Kai can.  The channel is focused mostly on gear and even though his presentation style could be described as almost comedic, he still manages to deliver the relevant information.

So if you want to be entertained as well as informed about the latest gear you can subscribe to Kai’s channel by clicking on this link here.

Other YouTube Photography Channels

If those 21 channels aren’t enough for you, here are another 10 that you might want to check out:

If you don’t currently watch content on YouTube then hopefully this list will show that it’s a platform that contains so much more than peoples funny cat videos.  If you’re already a regular YouTube watcher then hopefully it’s introduced you to a few channels that you might not have known about.

As with any list though, I’m sure there are a few of you reading this and shouting “how could you not list….!”.  If there is a channel that you think the readers of this article, and myself, should be subscribed to then please do mention it in the comments below.

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  1. This is a great list of channels but it should be called “21 Landscape YouTube Channels to Subscribe To”. There’s not much here for people like me that want to learn more about wedding or portrait photography. Thanks for sharing anyway. I happily subscribed to a few of these.

  2. I’d also recommend “Mango Street”. They have great tutorials, and their videos are short and to the point. If you search them up, you won’t be disappointed.

  3. Interesting list. I already follow a number of them, but am always glad to find new ones that come highly recommended.

    Just wondering if you know what’s up with the Improve Photography channel? As of this date, there doesn’t seem to have been a new video in 11 months, and at one time there were multiple videos coming out a month.

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