Peak Design Slide – The Best Camera Strap on the Market

Here at Improve Photography, we are all crazy about the Peak Design Slide, an amazing camera strap that provides comfort and security.  Out of 17 camera straps in an Improve Photography review, the Slide was selected as the Top Pick when compared to other camera straps available.

I have to agree with them.  I am not a camera strap expert, far from it, I luckily picked to go with the Slide as one of my first camera strap purchases.  I have never had any need to look anywhere else.

This article gives an in-depth review and description of the Peak Design Slide, it doesn't compare it to other straps (that has already been done way better than I could), instead, it looks at the pros and cons of going with this system.  So strap yourselves in (sorry I couldn't resist).

The Peak Design Slide

The peak design slide is an amazing camera strap system.  It will easily connect with your camera body using the Peak Design Anchor system.  You simply connect the anchors to the connection points on your camera body, and the ingenious camera strap then easily clicks into place on the anchor system.

This allows the strap to easily be connected and disconnected with the press of a button.  Once you get used to this action it really is a fast and simple action to remove and attach the strap.

The strap also comes with a standard ARCA plate to attach to the camera body, using the mounting screw in the bottom.  The anchor system is used with the plate to secure the camera in position when using the strap.  This also can be used in tripod head mounting systems so there the camera can move from being strap mounted to tripod mounted in a matter of seconds.  This plate will also interface with other Peak Design products, such as the Capture Pro.

The strap is easily adjusted using the durable aluminium quick adjust handles.  This operates smoothly and effortlessly and with one hand you can easily shorten or lengthen the strap whilst it is being used and worn.  This adjustment is easy even with the heaviest of camera setups.  For instance, I quite often use this with my Nikon D750 and 70-200mm lens setup.

The camera strap is a 3-in-1 system, meaning it's a sling strap, a neck strap and a shoulder strap.  Using the anchor system, the strap is easily connected to any part of the body or bottom plate meaning it can be used in a number of different configurations.  On the reverse of the strap is a silicone grip that comes into play when using the Slide as a shoulder strap.  Simply flip over the strap and the grip will ensure it remains on your shoulder, instead of slipping off.   It can be adjusted quickly and thrown over your body and becomes a sling strap.  Change the position of the anchors on the camera to using the top connections and you have a neck strap.  Disconnecting the strap from the anchors is really simple with a click and slide motion that, once mastered, can easily be done with one hand (although it does take a little getting used to).

The way the strap attaches to your camera means that it is secure and holds the camera in place, much more solidly than other systems that rely on the camera hanging from a strap.  I found this a little less convincing than the Peak Design marketing campaigns would have you believe, but it still does a really good job.  When walking, the camera stays fairly still in place on your back when using the sling type setup.  It even stays in place when you bend over (in my case to tend to demanding children).  You can then easily access the camera by swinging it around on the strap meaning the strap never needs to be taken off, ensuring security at all times.  The strap can easily slide over your body for this due to the silky webbing on the surface of the strap.

The Slide can be used in a number of configurations depending on your requirements.


The Slide is manufactured from seatbelt style webbing (Peak Design's words not mine) which makes the strap strong and durable.  The weight limit of your camera setup will be from the corded anchors which can hold 200 lbs (90 kg), which should be plenty of capacity for most professional camera body and lens setups.  The strap will not kink or bend out of shape due to the quality of the fabric and the padding within.  This means the strength and durability of the strap do not take away the comfort of using it.  The strap feels luxurious to the touch and of good quality and means that heavy camera setups are worn comfortably and without adding unnecessary strain to your shoulder.

An unfortunate downside to this is that the strap is quite bulky meaning it can take a lot of room in your camera bag, and occasionally get in the way, especially when trying to use your camera on a tripod with the ARCA plate and the strap attached.  When using your camera with the strap and Capture Pro combined, the strap does make inserting the camera body into the clip more difficult.  This is easily resolved, however, due to the simplistic way the strap and be removed and re-attached.

Ease of Use

As mentioned in previous paragraphs, the slide is really easy to use.  The anchors and the quick adjust handles both operate smoothly and with ease.  Once you get used to these features you can do them easily whilst on the move and with one hand.  When shortening the strap, you do sometimes have to take the weight of the camera to make the shortening operation easier but this is the only time there may be some issues.  Attaching the strap and detaching the strap from the camera body is an easy and smooth action which will require on one hand to complete once the action is in your muscle memory.

Attaching the strap and detaching the strap from the camera body is an easy and smooth action which will require on one hand to complete once the action is in your muscle memory.  The only downside with the anchor system is that when the strap is not in use, you have to be ok with your camera having the anchors attached (or remove them which would be really annoying).  Personally, this does not bother me but I can see why some people would not want these things detracting from the beauty of their camera body.

Cost / Value

Like all things ‘Peak Design' the Slide is not what you would consider being a cheap accessory.  At the time of writing this article, the Slide priced at $59.95 on the Peak Design website.  But like all Peak Design products, you really do get great quality for that price and hence great value.  I would stick my neck out and say this will last me forever (or until I get bored and want a new strap).  I don't imagine I will ever get an issue with it, there were some initial quality issues with the first editions of these straps but these were quickly rectified by Peak Design and with great customer service.

It is worth saying, at the time of writing this article, Peak Design announced a new Kickstarter campaign that will see a new Slide and Capture Pro hit the streets.  If this improves on the current slide then we are in for a treat.  You don't have to take my word for it.  After just a few days of campaigning, they had already raised $500,000 on the Kickstarter campaign proving many people believe in this company and these products.


If you haven't already guessed from this article, I can tell you I love this strap.  You will have to judge whether you think the price justifies the purchase of one of these but you will not regret it.  Personally, it is worth waiting for the Kickstarter campaign to see what the new strap will bring (or even support it) but even if you get the old version you will not be disappointed.


5 thoughts on “Peak Design Slide – The Best Camera Strap on the Market”

  1. I use the Slide Lite on my Fuji X-T2 and it is the best camera strap I’ve ever used. My BlackRapid and Cotton Carrier systems have been gathering dust since I put this beauty on.

  2. Love my Peak Design Slide! I find It tucks nicely in a sling bag and is flexible and comfortable.

    While I still break out my Black Rapid for longer events, the slide probably gets used more as its the one I “always have” with me. I also like the hand strap (“Cuff”) and Leash. When using a different camera the anchor links are the first thing I add so that I will always have options.

  3. I’m a big fan of The Slide and have two that I use for events and when traveling. I use The Cuff on both of my bodies and clip on The Slide when needed. Durable, long enough for someone who is tall and easy to remove when not required. The easy adjustment is also a huge bonus.

  4. I just ordered one of these to try out. Everything looks great, but I have to admit I’m a little nervous about those big metal buckles… Not sure I want something like that folded up and near my gear when I have everything stowed in the camera bag.

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