IP Roundtable (EP-251)

Lightroom or bust?

  • Why leave LR Classic
    • Pros
    • Cons
  • Where to go
    • Capture One
    • All-new LR
    • Macphun (Sklyum) Luminar 2018?


Mobile Workflow

  • https://improvephotography.com/50326/mobile-photo-editing-workflow-actually-works/
  • Why do we need a mobile workflow?
    • Instant gratification
  • Where do the files live?
  • Does an iPad edit fast enough on a large raw file?
  • Best device for running a mobile workflow


  • Looking for 8 people with something cool to share about photography
  • IP+ is about to get awesomer
    • Going to another country to spend 3 days with one of the most creative photographers on the planet to record a tutorial for IP+.  
    • I’m almost done with a new course called “Landscapes in Motion”

Doodads of the Week!

3 thoughts on “IP Roundtable (EP-251)”

  1. Hi
    I listened to the show and could not believe you said I downloaded capture one and tried it for an hour and it seemed to complicated. Take someone who has never used lightroom give them an hour with the program and they will be in the same boat.

    I have been using Photoshop since version 6. (Spent a lot back then). And I have been using Lightroom since version 2 or 3. I have enjoyed them both. But at this time my style of shooting finds me tethering more often then not. And that feature was spotty at best in Lightroom 6. Now since 7 my camera has not connected to Lightroom a single time. (Funny thing I was in on the beta and pre-release 6 and 7. Tethering worked like it never had before). As soon as it went gold master, it stopped working and the speed I saw in the program during the testing just wasn’t there anymore.

    So I downloaded capture one. It looks intimidating at first, but take it one step at a time and in the past 18 days I am amazed at how much more powerful the program is. And as far as tethering goes, I plug my camera in turn it on and before I can turn to look at the monitor, my camera is recognized, it then takes 15 seconds or so for the lens info to show up. I can also tether in live view now.

    So don’t be so quick to dismiss capture one. I am glad I took a look.

    One other thing I did a couple of days ago is download a trial of Photoshop elements. At this point between those 2 programs I can say good bye to my creative cloud account In May when it’s due to renew. I am going to be using both between now and then.

  2. Rosalind Humphreys

    Thanks for awesome information… question for Connor; why do you prefer not use HSS in portraiture?

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