IP Roundtable (EP-232)

Backyard Silver.  Getting Started in Stock.

Article of the Week:  15 Stock Photography Tips I Learned from the Guy Who Wrote the Book

  • $2,000 per month with 7,000 images.  So 29 cents per image per month is fair?
  • You’re doing landscape.  Would this change if you were doing portraits?
  • 4 times more with shutterstock than istock.  Why?
  • Shutterstock and iStock only? $220/month off 1,000 images.  Upload to 20 sites? $410 a month.
  • Photos need to be “stocky”?  Super bright and clean images of mixed race plasticy models shaking hands?
  • Why size down to 6 megapixels?
  • Lightroom can only keyword alphabetically.  Problem for Adobe Stock?
  • Useful keyboarding tool https://microstockgroup.com/tools/keyword.php
  • What about video?
  • Digital model releases?
  • How do you get ideas?


  • Shutterstock

News Desk:

  • Lexar no longer making memory cards.  Selling.
  • Lensbaby Velvet 85


  • Questions from the audience for Steve
    • Barry Porter – “Do you need some kind of release if you upload building photos to stock sites?”
    • Brandon Hirt – “What colors are most prevalent in stock photos that sell?”
    • Stephen Smith – The industry has changed a lot, and in your book you’ve mentioned sales lagging. Still viable?
  • Laryssa about camera repair


  • Submitting to Apple.  Could be days or weeks depending on how fickle they are.
  • Call in feedback to hotline: Stock photography

Doodads of the Week!


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  1. Aaaargh – I came to the notes to get the name of the guest and the book that was mentioned in the Podcast…! I’m sure it was just an oversight, but it would be great if you could actually include the full name of the author and of the book, maybe with a link to the book on Amazon!

    Thanks Jesse!

    1. Ok, found him! It’s Steve Heap and his book is called: Getting Started in Stock: 2017 Edition of the guide to microstock photography

  2. I hope more money went to you via your website than a purchase through Amazon 🙂 Thanks for all of the information… The bonus ebook was a nice surprise and a great deal.

    I thought about getting into stock photography but never in the way you approach it:)

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