Canon 6D Mark II Announced: Here’s everything we know

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This morning, Canon finally took the wraps off the long-awaited Canon 6D Mark II DSLR.

This post will be updated continuously throughout the day as more details emerge.

Full Specs

Canon 6D Mark IIJim's Reaction
26.2 megapixel full-frame sensor26 megapixels is decent. It's nothing to get excited about, but adequate for most uses.
Dual Pixel live view autofocus with 80% sensor coverageHelpful for focusing in live view or for video, and really nice that the points aren't all bunched up in the center like on the original 6d.
45 All cross-type AF pointsTHANK YOU, Canon. The focus system on the original 6D stunk. However, DP Review is reporting that these 45 points are all bunched up in the center because the focus system is adapted from an APS-C camera. You'll get good AF coverage in live view, but not through the viewfinder. This is somewhat disappointing.
6.5 frames per secondDecent.
ISO 40,000 ISO native; 102,400 ISO interpolatedThis is only a slight difference from the original 6D in terms of numbers, but you can never judge low noise on specs alone.
1080p at 60pThis is absurd, Canon. A $500 cell phone can do 4k video. $200 cameras on eBay can do 4k video. ALL competitor cameras can do 4k video. It's time for a change, Canon.
3" Fully articulating touch screen LCDSO AWESOME to see a fully swiveling LCD screen. I wish every camera had this. Also, the touch screen works very well on other Canon cameras, so I'm hoping it will be the same on this one.
Wifi, bluetooth, and GPSI love seeing GPS in cameras. Canon is doing better than the other manufacturers with this.
144 x 110 x 74mmThis is a good size for a camera. If you're coming from an APS-C camera, you'll probably find it a bit bulky, and if you're used to shooting the flagship DSLRs, you'll find it a little more trim.
765 gramsVery similar in size and weight to the Nikon D750, and the original 6D.
No built-in flashThis is a good thing as far as I'm concerned. I never use the built-in flash and I think it's just another way for water to get in the camera if there's an opening for a pop-up.
Digic 7 processorThis should provide quick navigation and processing of images, as well as a decent burst rate.
98% Viewfinder coverageThis is a HUGE red flag for me. I'm surprised to see that Canon didn't come out with 100% viewfinder coverage in this camera. It's VERY difficult to compose a shot when you can't get an accurate look at your framing in the viewfinder. This is a big miss.
7560-pixel RGB+IR metering sensorIt's all marketing speak, but I would imagine it would be similar to other Canon cameras.
No focus peakingCanon is intentionally removing video features from its cameras to push video makers to its cash-cow high-end cinema cameras.
Less dynamic range than the 5D Mark IVThis is according to a Canon rep as reported to DPReview. This fact is hardly surprising, but at the same time it makes me wonder HOW MUCH worse than the 5D Mark IV?
Not ISO InvariantLike other Canon cameras, this sensor is not ISO invariant
4k Timelapse ModeYou can make 4k timelapse video from shooting stills in the camera, but no normal timelapse video.
Dust and water resistantI definitely need this in cameras. I'm always shooting in wet environments, it seems. Nice to see.
Single SD card slotArgh!
No headphone jackArgh!

Compared to the Original Canon 6D

In my opinion, the biggest upgrade from the 6D to the 6D II is autofocus.  The original 6D had an inadequate autofocus system for what was otherwise a very capable camera.  It only had 11 autofocus points and those points were far too bunched toward the center of the frame to even follow the rule of thirds.  Second, in my mind, is the vari-angle touch screen on the 6D Mark II, which allows for quicker movement through the menus and shooting the camera from any angle with ease.

It will take until August to see the camera in its full glory, but the specs-only look appears to be rather underwhelming when you consider that it has been 5 years since the original 6D was released, and the 6D Mark II really only adds a few moderate improvements.  However, we obviously haven't used the camera yet.  It's always possible that it will have tremendous dynamic range or low noise capabilities; however, those hopes are somewhat dim considering the fact that Canon is not touting any extraordinary image quality factor with this camera.

Although this camera doesn't appear to be a massive departure from the Canon status quo, it is sure to impress all the same.  It appears to be a very capable camera.  Given that the original 6D was the third most popular camera shot by readers of Improve Photography, I'm quite certain that the same will be true of this version.

Original Canon 6DCanon 6D Mark IIJim's Reaction
20.2 megapixels26.2 megapixels26 megapixels is decent. It's nothing to get excited about, but adequate for most uses.
No dual pixelDual Pixel CMOS AFHelpful
11 point AF45 Cross-type AF pointsTHANK YOU, Canon. The focus system on the original 6D stunk.
4.4 frames per second6.5 frames per secondDecent.
ISO 25,600 native; 102,400 interpolatedISO 40,000 ISO native; 102,400 ISO interpolatedHo hum. It's nice, but doesn't look to be a huge bump. We'll see when the actual images come out.
1080p only1080p onlyI think all of us are wondering how long Canon will keep doing this before they lose more video customers to Sony, Panasonic, and Nikon.
3" fixed LCD3" Fully swiveling LCDSO AWESOME to see a fully swiveling LCD screen. I wish every camera had this. Unfortunately, many are just tiltable.
Wifi, GPSWifi, bluetooth, and GPSCanon is doing a good job with putting GPS in more of their cameras. THANK YOU!
144 x 110 x 70mm144 x 110 x 74mmNew version is almost identical, but 4mm deeper
760 grams765 gramsThis is almost identical to the size and weight of the Nikon competitor D750.

Pricing and Availability

The camera will be shipping in August and pre-orders are available right now.  The price for the body only is $1,999–because you know it's cheaper if it's a dollar less than $2 grand, right?

Pre-Order from Amazon (Not available yet.  Probably later today)

Pre-Order from B&H Photo Video

Pre-Order from Adorama

Canon announced that this camera has “HDR Video” features. There is a sample video below showing off the feature. I'm very surprised to see them release this video. It's obviously flickering between exposures throughout the shot, and the HDR mode seems to do very little. It's basically just “highlight protection” in video mode. Also, notice how the doorway loses shadow detail in the shot (even though highlight detail is brought back slightly).

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