Follow Jim Harmer’s Mystery Trip 2017

Several months ago, Jim asked me to come up with a Mystery trip location.   I booked him a flight to a different country without telling him where he's going.  I had to keep a poker face while recording a podcast with him a few weeks ago.  His wife, Emily, also had a tough time keeping it a secret but she never gave any hints.

Today he got to the airport with a manilla envelope I'd prepared for him with his flight details.  He read his ticket information to find out where he is going (he was SUPER excited!).

Each day, Jim will send me a photo that I'll post here with a cryptic clue as to where he is photographing this week.  Post your comments and thoughts and anything you notice in the photos right in the comments and we'll see how long it takes us to figure it out!

He's using a beta copy of the Really Good Photo Spots app to find his spots, and is recording a series of videos for the Improve Photography Youtube channel which will be released after the trip.

Photo Clue for Day 1

Clue for Day 1: Flight two of three

Photo Clue for Day 2

This is a cell phone shot, obviously.  Don't judge the image quality 🙂


Photo Clue for Day 3

Cell Phone shot

69 thoughts on “Follow Jim Harmer’s Mystery Trip 2017”

  1. Gordon L Perkins II

    Interesting. It appears to be in an alpine environment but the deciduous trees and not evergreen trees strike me. Being that they are green makes me believe it is summer and thus northern hemisphere. Seeing the snow indicates it would be at high elevation or in a northern climate….

  2. I’d make a guess as the Lakes in Switzerland .

    But Jim had a budget and Dollars might not go that far there.

  3. The Southern Hemisphere is at the beginning of winter right now, which makes me inclined to believe he’s in the Northern Hemisphere.

  4. I was going to guess So America, but now I’m thinking Scandinavia somewhere. Hoping it’s not Russia, though, lol

  5. Katrina Laney

    My second guess is gonna be somewhere in Southern Norway or maybe Denmark.
    No judgment from the cell phone shot.. It is quite beautiful.

    1. I’ve been to Peru and the pictures so far don’t look like the topography I saw when I was down there. Being that winter is starting in the Southern Hemisphere I don’t think it would be anywhere down there either. From the looks of it that is spring snow. As others have said I think it some where in Scandinavia.

  6. all you who said something tropical take a close look to the picture. There are a few snow spots. i think something tropical would not fit. I think it must be in the northern hemisphere because in the south is winter and if there is snow it must be fresh snow. The other thing is Jim said he would not drive on the left. So countires in the south of africa india or british Islands would not fit also.
    My guess it is somewhere in scandinavia (Norway or Sweden). Also because Norwegian air does have cheap flights but the logo on the first picture does not fit to Norwegian Air (;

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