IP Roundtable (EP-203)

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Topic 1: Holiday gift guide

Topic 2: Bo Drinkard

Jim Harmer I know you are busy but is there any chance you could provide a recap of the latest FAA rules and regs for drones? I imagine a lot of folks (myself included) are expecting a new arrival for Christmas and are unsure of what is required as of late. FAA 333 exemption or 107 or what. Notification to ATC, airports, helipads? It is all quite convoluted at the moment. Maybe a brief update on the next IP podcast? Really looking forward to adding this tool to the arsenal. Thanks and best of holiday wishes to the Harmer clan!

Topic 3:

  • GoPros to Space
  • ExtremeSpaceAdventures.com contact info was given to me as a Birthday present they have the skills to launch to space.
  • Can’t capture the Milky Way. Weight limits and stabilization challenge. Daytime launch instead and plan to just get 4K footage but it swung around the whole time instead!
  • The fear and frustration when we got our first blown out tire and reality set in that we had over $400 on that payload we weren’t sure we would ever see again.
  • Challenge of the mudflats and despair everyone felt after two weekends of searching and then telling them we should come back one more time. People were done but glad when someone else said it and all were excited to try ONE. LAST. TIME.

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Topic 4: Diffraction

  • What it is
  • How to prevent it
  • Coma
  • Circle of confusion
  • Visual idea.  Aperture vs pixel size
    • Red diffracts quicker than blue

Topic 5:

  • Getting out there!
  • Families? Day jobs? Never had time before? Get OUT there. Build your portfolio, don’t wait for your portfolio to happen to you. It won’t.
  • Overcome the fear of doing it alone at night or at day.
  • It is amazing what happens when you have a buddy who can commit to get out there with you.

Doodads of the Week!

  • Jim:  SanDisk Extreme Pro 64 GB 
  • Aaron: Magnifying Loupe.  In Astrophotography once you get good at setting the scene for a good Milky Way shot you become a pixel peeper and wish you could get that focus even a little tighter. So on top of going in 10x magnification on the LCD screen, I use my loupe to get my eyes really on top of the star I am focusing on to watch that focus adjust and find my best focus. I find this cheap loupe my best option short of buying one of those Sharpstar filters that brings the light into an X shape with a vertical line when you are at the sharpest point. That costs $59+ when the loupe only cost me $x
  • Brent: Google Maps with account sign in. Invaluable for trip planning and finding your way.

Do Random

  • Photo scan

Aaron King


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  1. Hey Jim,
    I listen to every episode of all improve photography podcasts and I really enjoy all of them. Like to say thank you for all you guys do. I was so into this episode that I missed my exit this evening 🙂
    With all these podcasts that you guys have Portrait session, Photo Taco, Tripod, and Improve photography all really good information and enjoyable. Have you ever thought about adding one for the business and marketing side of photography?
    Maybe a spin off of Six figure photography podcast.
    Also I was looking for a lens recommendation for real estate photography and I didn’t see it on recommended gear.
    Keep up the good work guys

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