Post Processing Tricks with Ryan Dyar (TP EP-36)

Post Processing Tricks With Ryan Dyar

One of the most powerful, and most underused techniques by newer landscape photographers has to be dodging and burning.   When done right it can take a photo that is flat, confusing and busy, do a dynamic photo with clear eye movement and dimension in its subjects.  Dodging and burning really unlocks the full potential of a photo and in this episode Ryan is going to take us through some of his favorite techniques.

A quick refresh of the terms  Dodging and Burning

  • Dodge = to lighten
  • Burn = To darken

Creating Dodge/Burn Layer

  • 50% grey layer
  • Different blend modes (soft light, overlay)

Dodging and Burning with Color

  • Why?
  • How to choose color
  • How and where to dodge

The light bleed effect

  • Three Rules of light bleed

Creating atmosphere

  • When and where to do it
  • Darks luminosity selection
  • Dodge the darks to flatten and decrease contrast

Fixing Blend issues

  • Manual blending issues
  • Fixing reverse halos with dodging
  • Fixing bright halo’s around areas of contrast

Star Glow

  • How and where
  • Not overdoing it
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