Photo Taco – Shutter Speed Rule Wives’ Tale or Reality?

Is the old 1/focus length a good rule for getting maximum sharpness, or is it a wives' tale now with digital cameras?  Jim Harmer tells you what his testing has shown.

Chart of how slow of a shutter speed you can use at each focal length.
Now wouldn't THAT look like shareable content? Hint hint…. I'd love it if you'd share this infographic on social media–especially Pinterest. It took me a few hours to make, so I hope it's helpful.

5 thoughts on “Photo Taco – Shutter Speed Rule Wives’ Tale or Reality?”

  1. Dewey R. Kerr Jr.

    I m a “Street” & “Nature”: Photographer. Driving around in my car shooting or walking in the City or in the Forest. Things have a tendency to move quickly I mostly shoot above 1/400. ..

  2. Hi Jim,
    do you think the number of pixels have influences on this table?
    I think that, for the “GOOD” value, a bigger number of pixel could enlarge the problems…

  3. The chart doesn’t make sense to me.
    Full frame 50mm isn’t 32mm on a crop sensor, it’s 75mm.

    1. @David- It’s not saying that 50mm on full frame is the same field of view as 32mm on a crop sensor. That would indeed be wrong. It’s saying what focal length on both cameras the rest of the line will be true at. So at those focal lengths, you can get to those shutter speeds.

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