Improve Photography Roundtable (EP-165)


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Questions of the Week:

Rainee Lee Tubbs

I have been struggling with exposing for highlights and knowing what to do in camera. I'm not getting any sort of confirmation from the camera itself when I meter the brightest part of the sky. (I'm probably doing it wrong) unsure emoticon Also, does one need to calculate their settings differently? I have only found lessons on this that aren't all that detailed so I'm doing a lot guessing. I would love to see a more detailed tutorial on this.

Justin Rogers

Curious as to what other photographers use to plan out a road trip itinerary? My wife and I will be traveling to Ireland in May and I was looking for a website and/or app to allow for the daily management of points of interest along the way and to know how big of a “leg” of the trip we have ahead of us just for that day (versus only knowing the entire route spanning multiple days). The best one I've found so far is Tripomatic but would be curious to know what other use. Thanks!

Glenn George

I would appreciate it if you guys could explain how and when he switches between photography and videography when a client asks for both for a wedding shoot.

Jim’s 5 Minute Segment

  • 8 Real Estate Photography Lessons I Learned This week
    • “Pretty Day” vs “Photographer weather”
    • Send a sheet to clients on how to prepare
    • Drone woes
    • Flow of photos in the house not translating to the client
    • In-camera HDR and sweep panorama
    • Seriously, the pole is better than a drone

5 Minute Segments:

Nick – Landscape photography – Going alone, or with someone else

  • pros of going alone:
    • more easily focus on the task at hand
    • getting away from people can be bliss
    • if something amazing happens, your the only one to have the shot
  • Cons
    • twist and ankle.. you die
    • fall down… you die
    • do anything wrong.. you die
    • often times watching others work can be great for inspiring new ideas in your own photography.  Otherwise… you die

Doodads of the Week!

4 thoughts on “Improve Photography Roundtable (EP-165)”

  1. Great show, again! I did a quick search for the waterfall survey, but only found a website for the NW and it didn’t do what Nick mentioned? Can someone provide the link to that site? Sounds like a winner!!

    As an aside, I always shoot video at every site as there are also B-roll companies looking for a variety of shots from focus’racked waterfalls to flowers blowing in the wind. Thanks again!!

  2. Hahaha! Funny enough, I HAVE been told I sound like Alan Alda before! I also wanted to give a shout out to my website http://www.magiclanternshooter.com which has lots of tips and tricks on filming video and hacking your camera. The new book for Magic Lantern will be released soon on Amazon, with details and a walkthrough on shooting RAW video. Stay Tuned!

  3. Steve Grainger

    Hi Jim
    Love your podcast! I’m going to Iceland for 2 weeks soon. You mentioned your Google My Maps of your trip to Iceland and your photo locations. Would you be willing to share your map to show where your best locations/waterfalls?

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