Filters and Filter Systems (EP-19)

Do we even need filters anymore?

What filters are useful for landscape photographers:

  • ND filters
  • ND grads
  • polarizers
  • UV filters
  • step down rings
  • Fog Filters for astrophotography

Expensive filters vs. cheapies

“To spend or to blend”

  • Polarizer: Tiffen HT
  • ND: 3 stop Breakthrough Photography x3 or x1
  • ND: 10 stop Breakthrough photography X3 or x1

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3 thoughts on “Filters and Filter Systems (EP-19)”

  1. .I enjoyed this podcast. I do a lot of shooting with neutral density filters when capturing moving water. I also recently purchased a polarizing filter. Can these two be used together?

  2. This was another great episode guys, thanks again for putting this show out and focusing on Nature photography, it’s been a very under represented genre for podcasts and great content like yours.

    I wanted to get the teams take on wide angle lenses and the use of the various filters. I heard Nick briefly mention the thin profile of the breakthrough filters and the fact that vignetting is limited. I was hoping for a little more detail (image comparisons maybe?) or suggestions to combat that effect, short of going to a full sized rectangular filter system (too big for backcountry landscape photography!) I’ve personally had a mixed bag when trying a few different filters on my 16-35 Ziess. I was also very curious about the situation that I’ve run into personally with Circular Polarizing filters when down below around 20mm causing a mottled look due to the sheer physics of the filter at that focal length – any suggestions to avoid uneven polarization effects?

    Thanks Again!
    Chris Anderson
    Metolius Photography

  3. Alexander Mavrogordato

    Great episode! I was toying with the idea of getting a variable ND filter, but you convinced me otherwise! You did not mention the handiest doodad for filters: Xume magnetic filter holders and adapters. Makes changing filters a snap! Thanks again

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