Q&A Portrait Session (EP-51)

Listener Questions

  • Justin Hamblin How to shoot a wedding if you don't get to meet the bride and groom before the wedding day? I am shooting for a wedding company this summer (mainly for paid experience instead of shooting for free). They book weddings and I am only told Date, Time, and Location but I don't get to know my couple before I am asked to shoot them. How would you handle the Parachute in photographer scenario?
  • Al Ricardo Jurina Here's a fun one: What do you do when the Mother-In-Law attempts to hire you for their son's wedding? We've had this happen a couple of times and it's never been anything short of awkward. We base our focus around the bride at weddings, but what happens when your client is NOT the bride? MIL's have different priorities in what they expect than a bride.
  • Justin Hamblin Shooting an event, do you change lenses or carry an extra body with the lens attached? How do you manage you camera settings if you do shoot two bodies. Do you shoot manual on both, or one of the auto modes, or do you shoot manual only on one and auto on another? How do you keep it strait so you aren't fiddling with camera settings on two bodies as light changes?
    Alan Hubbard Starting a Senior rep program – how does it work?
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