5 thoughts on “Photo Taco – Large Lightroom Catalog?”

  1. Great to an extent. Detailed, informed but my word a bit long and detailed, even repititious. 30 mins is too long. My real interest was not covered. in first 22 mins. LR fills up your drive and slows it down. Then you have multiple external hard drives and have to back up second copies. Then you want to create folders and sub folders and you want to change the structure…. nothing covered?

    1. @Ian,

      Thanks for participating. I would love to do something on your real interest, but I am not entirely sure from your comment what that is. The point of this episode was to say that through testing I have validated there is not a technical reason you have to split your catalog. The performance of Lightroom is the same (which is too slow) whether you have 750,000 images or 100 images in the catalog. At this point the old advice that was given out a few years ago that you needed to start a new catalog after you reached 10,000, 50,000, or 100,000 photos because having that many photos in the catalog slows down Lightroom even more is simply no longer true. However, if there are organizational reasons to split it up by shoot, by genre, or by year so that you can keep a better handle on your photos then go for it. After all, Lightroom is supposed to help you organize things as the primary function of the tool.

      What more would you like to see covered?

  2. Another great episode – perfect for someone like me who isn’t an IT expert, knowing the background is very interesting.

  3. Awesome podcast! Love the geekery mixed with the practical! The background detail on SeqLight was hugely helpful, and thanks for going down that rabbit hole to clarify the split-catalog issue. Knowing how the backup cataloging actually works will help me better manage my images, backups, and space which is always important for efficient operations. Thanks again!!

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