Contracts [PS 38]

Erica, Nick, & Ricky sit down to talk about contracts & best practices when working with people. The three help navigate the daunting world of making images with people. The show is wrapped up with bleeding questions from listeners of the show.

What's in this episode:

  • Model releases & when to use them.
  • The ‘exclusive' photographer.
  • Fault clauses & copyright info.
  • Cancellation & refund policies.
  • Keeping clients in the loop with editing & completion expectations.
  • Appearance & locations.
  • Listener questions from Ray, Ed, Gary, Various, Jenny, Gabe, & Riley!

Resources Mentioned:


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2 thoughts on “Contracts [PS 38]”

  1. Listened to this podcast this morning. Regarding wedding contracts and if you can not be at the event. Do you recommend any specific wording for a military person that may schedule a wedding and then unexpectedly get deployed and thus unable to shoot the wedding. I am an army reservist and although I have never been activated, it still can happen.

  2. Ahhhhhh. Do NOT ever give copyrights! A copyright IS a copyright. If you give your clients the copyrights you better be having them grant YOU a license to use the images in YOUR portfolio, website, social media, what have you. Even if you’re NOT looking to sell the images again DO NOT give the copyright. The proper term is usage license. Grant licenses!

    Teaching photographers to say grant copyrights is teaching clients to demand them and professional photographers who rightfully retain their copyrights are getting frustrated with the constant demands. No normal client needs a copyright release. They need a usage release at the most. In the rare case a client demands the copyrights they will be paying a good amount for them because I will not be able to use these images in my portfolio without they assigning me license and it is too much trouble to ask for that.

    As to the reserves deployment situation. Text to the sound of if the photographer is not able to attend the session because of requirements not under the control of the photographer, the client shall be able to choose a refund of non delivered services or transfer to an equivalent local photographer of the photographers choice so long as the second photographer is available at the expense of the original photographer.

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