15 Photo Tips We Learned This Week [IP 148]

Jim, Brian, Nick, & Darin take you on an incredible adventure remembering lessons learned while shooting with listeners of Improve Photography.  The four share twenty plus tips & tricks they learned while shooting in Southern Utah & Northern Arizona.  Tune into hear about IP smashing a Guinness World Record!

What's in this episode:

  • Improve Photography Demolished a World Record. – Read more here!
  • Darin concedes Nick & Jim were right about focus stacking vs shooting f/22.
  • Nick places our hearts in our throats as he relives the loss of his favorite lens & second camera body.
  • Insuring gear can lead to happier endings.
  • Waiting out the storm leads to Brian making some beautiful landscapes of the Grand Canyon.
  • Does Jim regret breaking up with Nikon?
  • Exploring new tools in Photoshop has Darin moving boulders. – Soon he hopes to move mountains like Dojo Master Harmer.
  • Making the most of sunset & sunrise opportunities make a photographer happy, wealthy, & wise.
  • Sleeping is overrated when there are photos to be taken!
  • Using a hat, dark object, or a hand, to remove lens flare & darken part of a scene.
  • Darin loses more weight by leaving his camera bag behind.
  • Does Jim still bracket his photos? – Listen to hear the answer.
  • Nick gets resourceful by shooting panoramas for days.
  • The four share landscape photography is all about timing.
  • Brian shoots his hero when he is invited to photograph the Broncos vs Colts game in Indy!

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5 thoughts on “15 Photo Tips We Learned This Week [IP 148]”

  1. The only thing that I see on Performance Settings is the check box for “use graphics processor”. I have updated to the newest version with the corrected import screen. Any suggestions?

    1. Yes, that is the only thing to change to change there. The other one to look at is the Camera RAW Cache size that is under Preferences->File Handling. The default is something low like 1.0GB and we recommend setting it to 70GB.

  2. Hey there Gladys,

    I am sorry I did not see the question sooner. However, I thought I would show you real quick in a YouTube Video how to update this setting to boost Lightroom’s Speed. I hope this info is beneficial and helpful!


  3. Thanks, Darin and Jeff. I appreciate your quick answers. I thought that is probably what Jim was talking about but just wasn’t sure. Thanks again.

  4. Al Hughes (aka 'Leaf Nutt')

    Great tip Jim! After that little tweak my LR is running much faster. Easy to do and effective. Another reason to listen to your podcasts (I never miss them!) Thanks again.

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