ImprovePhotography Sets New World Record In Light Orb Photography

Improve Photography has beaten the Guinness World Record for the most light orbs to be captured in a single long exposure photo.

The attempt was made on November 7, 2015 by Jim Harmer, Nick Page, Jeff Harmon, Brian McGuckin, Darin Mellor, and Norman Peay in Page, Arizona.  The team captured 235 light orbs in a single exposure of 27 minutes, beating the previous record of only 200 light orbs, set by the East Coast Lightpainters in 2014.

The team had one person, Jeff Harmon, taking the picture and blocking the front of the lens with a black piece of plastic between light orbs so that the light would not trail as the orberators walked between orbs.  Specialized orbing tools made out of PVC were used to spin the christmas lights in a circle to make the orbs.

Video and witness statements of the event have been recorded and submitted to Guinness World Records for review as an official record attempt.

The winning photo was captured on a Canon 6D with a shutter speed of 1,570 seconds at f/11 and ISO 800 at 35mm using a Canon 16-35mm lens.

This is a day that will go down in orb history.


4 thoughts on “ImprovePhotography Sets New World Record In Light Orb Photography”

  1. This is gold!! Love it! I only hope to be as good as you guys one day. I’m going to go practice tonight.

  2. You guys are hilarious! I love that you can take something like this and make it comical and fun. Awesome job guys, and keep up the orbing! (Just don’t get too addicted, it’ll ruin your life…)

  3. You can’t fool me! Those are Alien Ghost Eggs!!! Didn’t ya see what effect they had on that poor lad at the end? He was under their spell, and you can bet your best coon dog he is gonna be out there help’n them. Don’t believe me? Well…
    1. It happened in the desert….
    2. It happened at night….
    3. On a MOONLESS night no less…..
    4. It involved people FAMOUS in the world of Photography….(even aliens are a bit starstruck by their presence)…. (get it… Star Struck?) now that’s funny I don’t care who ya are….
    5. It already has this video that attempts to debunk it as “ORBING”… like that is a real thing….
    6. Ok I googled ORBING and it is a thing… but I will bet you it was invented by the government to help debunk sightings such as this.
    If this don’t get you to open your eyes to the alien invasion, you ain’t bright enough to run from that glow in the holler….. (he he, I made another one)…..

  4. If this ORBING thing is real, I challenge you to do a video, showing how you build your “ORBOTRONS, and how you employ them in your misguided attempt to calm public fears of the impending alien invasion.

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