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  1. You guys mentioned the “best” part of the Milky Way. Could you refer to the constellations that outline the best part so I can find it in my star chart app?

  2. Here are most of the show notes. I re-listened to the first 28 mins and here is what I got:

    500px MAPS

    Google Earth
    Turn on Photos

    Sort by “Date Taken”

    Google Doc List of Jim’s locations (Can’t include here, Jim would need to.)

    Wolfram Alpha
    Site for stuff like:
    When does the milky way rise in x location?
    Lunar Phases and Sunrise/Set

    Free app to simulate the night sky so you know where the milky way is, planets are, when the moon sets etc.


    The Photographer’s Ephemeris
    Editorial to Tripod’s comments about this predicting access to the sun through clouds: This is an app to show you WHERE the sun/moon will rise and fall. Choose a location and you can find where the sun will rise in relation to that spot. This allows you to plan what location you WANT the sun to emerge over. It isn’t something to tell you whether clouds will obscure your view. Although it will tell if the landscape will obscure the sunrise/set.

    Weather Bug
    Particularly the Spark feature for lightning storms

    Milky Way Season
    Stellarium will help you find when the Milky Way is up for your location.
    Milky way comes up YEAR ROUND.
    The BULGE of the Milky Way comes up seasonally in most locations.
    In Northern Latitudes such as where I live in Utah, the Bulge of the Milky is visible above the horizon for different lengths and times during the night only from February to October.
    It always rises it just sometimes is only during the daylight hours.

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