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  1. Hey Jeff – I’m currently in the market for a new computer and I’ve always been a desktop guy for photo editing due to the CPU/GPU demands for editing D800/810 files. What are your thoughts on the available power in one of these surface books, now that the dGPU has been released, to handle significant demands of photo editing large RAW files? With the i7 surface books running around $2,600, you’re certainly paying for the convenience associated with a laptop and the touch screen acting like a Wacom Cintiq, as I think you could build a comparable desktop for at least $1,000 less. Thanks Jeff. Andy

    1. @AndyF, I am not yet convinced the Surface product line is ideal for photo editing over either a desktop or even more traditional laptops. The way the SurfaceBook connects to the discrete graphics card is interesting, but there was a phase we went through a few years ago where there were “switchable” graphics in Windows laptops that was AWFUL. I have one of those in what was a $1,300 HP laptop and have regretted spending any money on what turned out to be a gimicky technology. Until I get some hands on with SurfaceBook there is no way u can recommend it for photo editing. I am intrigued though.

      Be sure to check out my SUPER guide to buying a Windows PC for photo editing here for much more information:


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