Workflow Tips for a Sea of Images [PS 31]

Nick, Erica, & Darin come together this week to offer insight into their workflows after coming home with thousands of images.  Two listener questions from Debbie & Zelda are answered & the episode wraps up with the three providing portrait tips & reviews.

What's in this episode:

  • You just got home with over 1,000 images…. Now what?
  • Darin, Erica, & Nick's tips for culling & rating images.
  • Nick's epic approach to getting images out right after a long day's work.
  • Erica finds Photo Mechanic amongst the painfully slow process Adobe users are facing.
  • Applying global adjustments to one image in a series & syncing for rapid turnaround.
  • Nick, Darin, & Erica give helpful advice for shooting portraits of people in glasses. – Question from Debbie.
  • Zelda wants to know if we get in on the action when photographing dancing.
  • Nick lights up a couple by tossing a flash into a car.
  • Erica loves her whiteboard & Nick has a love/hate relationship with Google Calendars.
  • Things get blurry for Erica when using the Motion & Radial blur tools.
  • Darin learns how different flash settings can make rain look more dynamic in a portrait by following a post from Marius Igas in the Facebook Wedding Photographer's Group.

Rain Shot

Resources Mentioned:


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