Get This $400 Canon Printer for $50! This is crazy!


I've been in the market for a quality photographic printer, and I just found a crazy deal to get the highly rated Canon Pixma Pro-100 Wireless Photo Printer for just $50!  A reader of the site, Matt Mendenhall, turned me on to this deal that he found over at the excellent site Fstoppers (thanks guys!).  Our own Brian McGuckin also got the deal last year and said the printer has been fantastic!


The Pro-100 is a high-quality photographic printer that is compatible with Airprint and can print up to a 13×19″ (33cm x 48cm) print.  The inks are expensive, which seems to be about the only negative thing mentioned in reviews, but then again, what photographic printer has cheap ink?

Here's how you get the deal:

  1. Go to B&H and put the Canon Pro-100 in your shopping cart.  You have to use a computer to do this–not phone or tablet.  Don't worry if it says they are out of stock and will ship in 2-3 days.
  2. Log in to B&H
  3. In your cart, use offer code “PrintPro100”.  That will take $100 off, leaving you with a bill of $299.
  4. To get the best deal, you also need to get 50 sheets of Canon Luster 13×19″ printer paper.  B&H will do that for you automatically–even if it doesn't show up in your cart until you finish paying.  Don't try to add the paper to your cart manually. When you finish paying, you'll see on your receipt that they added it for you, but you probably WON'T see that until you finish and pay.  So don't worry if you don't see the paper in your cart.  It'll work–promise.
  5. When you get your printer, fill out this rebate form and you'll get a $250 pre-paid AMEX card.
  6. You just scored a $400 printer for $50!

Thanks to Matt Mendenhall and to Fstoppers for bringing this deal to my attention.  I ordered and I'm excited to get my printer.

29 thoughts on “Get This $400 Canon Printer for $50! This is crazy!”

  1. I’m confused by the paper requirement, or the comment above… Do I have to add it or will B&H add it? I see that it is required for the rebate.

    1. Nope, I thought the same thing and order one of the papers needed then I looked closer at the deal from B&H and one of the two types of photo paper needed for the rebate is included in the deal. (Luckily I order the other type of paper that was eligible for the rebate.

  2. two questions, does it print smaller than 13×9? and be careful, on the specs it does NOT mention Windows 10, so I’m not sure it’s compatible with 10

    1. @Holly – It does print smaller than 13×19 and I’m not sure on Windows 10 compatibility, but it’s still a current model printer so I would be surprised if it’s not compatible.

  3. Have this printer and love it! B&H has also from time to time offered this printer for free with certain camera bundles, if I’m not mistaken. That’s how I got it, a friend bought a Canon T6i bundle (I think was the model) but didn’t want the printer and so gave it to me!

  4. What is the Proof of purchase you need to get the rebate? I’m having some difficulty with the rebate, thanks.

  5. It’s a deal as long as you pay off the balance of the printer immediately if you use a credit card. Otherwise you’ll be paying that interest on $300. Ha Ha But i did it anyway!!

  6. This is not a tiny printer by any means, Weights close to 50 lbs and needs some space all it’s own. I could hardly carry mine off the porch and downstairs. I could not resist this deal, the paper was worth $35 alone! I heard if you don’t want the Amex card you can call Amex after you get the card and get it on a check. Hearsay mind you.

  7. I tried to order the printer and didn’t see a spot to add the coupon code. When I asked the sales rep, he asked if they emailed that code to me and then said, “The code was only sent out to specific customers who purchased a DSLR…It is only valid for the specific people it was mailed to.” BUMMER!


    According to the B&H Sales Rep (via chat on their site), in order to enter any promo codes for any product at checkout, you have to link to the product from an e-mail advertising the rebate from B&H .

    Additionally, B&H only offered this special to those individuals who “qualify” by being both, on their mailing list AND who have purchased a “qualifying” Canon DSLR within the year.

    Apparently the best one can do on reducing the $399 advertised price, is to use the AMEX rebate mail-in rebate of $250, which will get you down to approx. $150, which is still is a good price for the unit . . . not as good as $50, but such is life. (smile)

    I hope this info proves helpful.

    Note: The sales agent also indicated 2-4 weeks on receiving the rebate card, after their receiving your submission.

    Rich Laws

  9. Really not worth it since the entire printer was either $50 or $100 due to a rebate. No way is that printer worth the usual $300-400 because Canon also periodically gave crazy sales on their paper, things like buying one box they give 5 boxes free.

  10. Really goos printer is this price range. The Optimum Image Generating (OIG) System utilizes two major technologies that were first introduced in the PIXMA PRO-1. The built-in Wi-Fi gives you the freedom to place the printer where it’s convenient and allows multiple users to seamlessly print from several computers.

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