HUGE Listener Q&A III – The Final Chapter [IP 143]

Jim, Nick, & Darin conquer more of your questions in this third Q&A installment of the podcast. As always we include Doodads of the week to help you Improve your Photography skills!

What's in this episode:

  • Annelise has a question for Papa Bear on getting crisp, clean, & accurate colors in her photos.
  • Greg Muhr is a volunteer fire department photographer looking for advice when shooting scenes filled with rapidly changing light from multiple sources.
  • Nick Lenn aims to get creative by using different angles, but when is it appropriate to implement?
  • Brian Pex saves energy & recycle times with multiple speedlights. – What are the proper settings?
  • How quickly does print quality suffer as the megapixel count drops when considering low-light performance? – Pat Lopez, check out Jim's Article on this!
  • Robert Lora wants to know when to shoot JPEG. – How much editing capability does he lose when making this choice?
  • John Evans is exploring the best practices for contacting Real Estate Agents/Agencies to shoot their listings.
  • Wynn Pham thinks it is time to upgrade his Nikon D7000.  Is it necessary?
  • James Williams wants Improve Photography's recommendation on his first lighting modifier.
  • When to sharpen & how much? – Pete LeGregor gets our input & preferred practices.
  • Tzvika Stein finds out why Jim does not include Lens Correction in his 2015 Lightroom Presets.
  • Eddie Hagler inquires whether professional photographers use Auto Focus.
  • Steve Love looks to find out how much photo editing & compositing is too much?

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1 thought on “HUGE Listener Q&A III – The Final Chapter [IP 143]”

  1. I think you missed the guy’s question concerning what would be the difference between increasing the file size with software compared to a larger mega pixel camera. I agree with your answer that the mega pixel wars should be over or at least ended. However, the difference between using larger mega pixels and using software to enlarge a photo is sharpness. I own Photoshop Elements and Lightroom. Lightroom does a good job. I have had a significant loss of sharpness using Photoshop Elements. With a larger megapixel camera there is not decrease in sharpness if proper technique is used. More mega pixels require very good technique. The increased resolution also picks up errors more.

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