Shoot for Post-Processing [PS 14]

Nick, Erica, & Darin take you on a journey to discuss why it is EXTREMELY important to shoot with post-production in mind.  We discuss what we must do behind the viewfinder that will save us time when editing our photos.

What's in this episode:

  • Getting the exposure right in camera.
  • Exposing for highlights vs. exposing for skin tones.
  • Replacing the sky or shooting another day.
  • No I cannot comb your hair in Photoshop! – Having an assistant watch for details.
  • It is all in the details. – Hairbands on wrists & Transition Lenses.
  • Paying attention to the background & keeping skin tones in mind.
  • Grey cards & Expodiscs. – A continuation of the Jim Harmer argument.
  • Should I offer or accept the challenge of removing braces from client's teeth?
  • Forget the fake tan & be mindful of clothing options. – Educating clients before the shoot.
  • Take some bad photos in poor lighting conditions to sway clients to shoot when the light is right.
  • Knowing when to ask for hep. – Nick's lesson learned this week!
  • Setting Boundaries with Clients & Guests. – Darin's lesson learned!
  • Always carry a clear umbrella! – Erica's lesson learned during a wedding shoot!

boom-photo – (Nick's background replacement skills!)

Resources Mentioned:

  • Improve Photography's 2016 China Workshop! – Join Nick, Erica, & two other podcast hosts for a truly helpful & informative photographic adventure in China!
  • HH Boogie – Erica's Pick of the Week for handcrafted & unique products for your clientele!
  • Datacolor Spyder Lens Calibration Tool – Nick's Pick of the Week for keeping your lenses sharp!
  • Bug Spray & Camp Fogger – Darin's Pick of the Week for keeping pesky six-legged friends away from you & your clients!
  • Improve Photography's Portfolio Reviews – Get INSIGHTFUL & HELPFUL feedback on your best photos with a portfolio review from Nick, Erica, or Darin!


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1 thought on “Shoot for Post-Processing [PS 14]”

  1. Very much enjoying this podcast series with all of you! As
    an optometrist I had to respond to your query about photochromic (Transitions
    is a brand name) lenses. These lenses generally change, when new, quite quickly
    i.e. less than 60 seconds. Nick had the right idea, to clear them have your
    client place them inside their eyeglass case (saves them from being scratched!)
    for a minute or two then quickly pop them back on. You would have about a
    minute or so before they went dark again to get some shots. A couple of other
    things affect photochromic lenses, their reaction time will slow down in cold
    temperatures and they will go darker as well, so take this into account for
    outdoor winter shots. Also, if the lenses are old, they will tend to stay
    darker and not lighten up as much.

    Having your clients put on reading glasses as a substitute, which are only
    good for a near focus distance, will make them see things blurry and they could
    end up squinting for their posing. Darren, yes it is definitely a risk to try
    to remove someone’s lenses from their frames! You not only risk breaking their
    frames but you may not be able to get them back into the frame and have them
    properly aligned for their best vision. Definitely not recommended.

    I am not a Photoshop user but what if you were to take a
    photo of your glasses wearing client and then have them repeat the pose without
    their glasses. Could you then in Photoshop blend the latter over the first pose
    to eliminate any reflection off their lenses?

    Thanks again for an enjoyable podcast!

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