Photo Taco – Wedding Gear

Erica Kay shares information on her favorite gear to shoot weddings:

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  1. Great episode, loving all the wedding themed shows lately (half way through the thoughts on photography one now, after listening to this one). I was going to comment that you should include the gear links in the show notes, but you got that covered. Thanks! If you ever have guest speakers on the portrait podcast can I suggest Heidi or someone else as a second shooter? I’d love to hear from the point of view of the second shooter. I’m still at the point where no way am I ready to do weddings but would love to give being a second shooter a try.

  2. Thanks for sharing. This flash is affordable, sturdy wih bowns mount.After complementing with a Phottix Indra 500 I am happy shooting in stressed moments. The only negative thing is shooting TTL in better light because from 1/64 and lower flash, it gives a color change. Nothing you can not fix afterwards but we all know less editing is happy life. This error does not happens when shooting manual. The Odin trigger won my heart as it is very quick to use and I used it for a mixture of flashes working well. Even a Youngnuo 568 Ex which require the receiver but a difference in price and I still trust the 568 as much as my other flashes.

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