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  1. You do make good podcast but this was bad podcast. You don’t offer any starting point. In fact on one of the Kelby One shows they do mention a starting price. RC conception said start with $200. Without telling a starting price or even the minimum this podcast was a waste of time. The whole title was about pricing and you just mentioned how to price but people are interested in finding out whats a good price to start. Based on your experience whats the price that people feel comfortable with.

    1. @Marco,

      Thanks for listening! If you listened all the way through you will understand why it is impossible to even give a starting point. It is very dependent upon your photography skills, the saturation of the photography market in your area, and the demand for your services in your area. In my area, starting at $200 would be too much for a first time photo shoot. There are so many decent photographers in my area that for $200 I think a client would be expecting quite a bit. The recommendation was to do some research. Find out how much photographers in your area are charging for portraits and base your price from that taking into consideration that you are a hobbyist who doesn’t have as flexible a schedule as a full time portrait photographer.

  2. Hi, Jeff…I enjoyed the podcast, and understand why it was less than definitive. I was wondering if you could maybe take a few minutes sometime on a future podcast to discuss how you got into a hobbyist level of business. I’m in the same situation; got a day job, don’t need to make all my income thru photography, but would love to start having it at least pay for itself. I’m especially interested in the more “businessy” aspects that you have experienced, such as registration, taxes, etc., all the while, keeping in mind that my experience will vary (especially since I’m a US citizen but live in Germany).

    Thanks in advance, and look forward to hearing more great stuff from you and the other hosts.


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