Pumping the Creative Mojo [PS10]

Darin sits down with Nick & Erica to discuss ways to keep our creative juices flowing.  The three talk about everything from working with other creatives to sketching out ideas on paper.  Come join us on this adventure.

What's in this episode:

  • Dissecting the work of photographers you admire; then set up your next shoot based on what you learned from them.
  • Teaming up with other local photographers for stylized shoots.
  • Brainstorm & rub elbows with model friends.
  • Think about what moves you & base your personal project around that. – (Erica's Freedom & Happiness Project.)
  • Going to school for photography. – Is there still as much value in it?
  • Taking online classes.
  • Going to workshops!
  • Obtaining new gear or software to see & from a new perspective.
  • Having someone review your portfolio to see where you stand.
  • Shoot the safe shots first & branch out to try something new. – Go above & beyond.
  • Outsource duties or tasks blocking time for creativity.
  • Give yourself a creative project & have your peers review it.

Zane and his truck (Nick's creative shot he mentioned in the show!)

Resources Mentioned:


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