Death by Digital Format. Print or Die! [PS 6]

Erica Kay sits down with Nick Page & Darin Mellor to discuss why it is important to get clients & photographers to print their work.  Beyond file preservation, the three explore why our work always looks best in print.

What's in this episode:

  • Why our work looks best in print.
  • Educating clients; a DVD/CD is as useful as a floppy disk in five years! – Make sure your clients are backing up their files.
  • Wedding Albums have stood the test of time.
  • The Millennial Generation is the most photographed, but will have nothing to show for it.
  • How cheap print kiosks will destroy the look of your work.
  • Having customers pay for the DVD/CD or order prints to get the DVD/CD for free.
  • Including an album in Wedding Collections shows the value of the album.
  • Syncing the time code in camera. – A huge time saver when editing & presenting photos.
  • Building relationships with clients to remove the possibility of a nightmare or unrealistic expectations.
  • Networking with wedding professionals to gain new clients.
  • Battle of the different tethering options!  Which option will free up your hands while shooting?

Resources Mentioned:


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5 thoughts on “Death by Digital Format. Print or Die! [PS 6]”

  1. Erika talked about Zenfolio and that she now uses Pass, however Zenfolio now has there own app for clients. So they can download, and share images.

    You can talk up pass all you want, but you dropped the ball on Zenfolio information that you shared.

  2. Zenfolio now has an app for clients. They can download and share just like pass and it does more.

    there isn’t anything wrong with talking about past however you missed the boat on the Zenfolio by failing to research what they offer.

    1. @Gary,

      The new Zenfolio app was my doodad of the week a few weeks ago on the Improve Photography podcast, and I REALLY like it. The mobile experience had been my biggest complaint about Zenfolio but now that works pretty well. I do hope that they will allow clients to cull the photos through the app though, right now it only offers a way to email the photographer.

  3. Yeah I think we talked about the new Zenfolio app for clients on the Improve Photography Podcast. I use Zenfolio and love it although I havn’t checked out the new client app yet. I dont think she failed to research the very best client site, she was just sharing her opinion on what she uses. Thats the thing about sites like this.. once you get a bunch of your work uploaded to them, your kinda married to them. I will likely be a Zenfolio user for a long while even if something better comes around, simply because I have so much work uploaded to it that I dont want to loose


  4. Great topics this podcast! Soo many hobbyists and amateurs aren’t backing up their photos. I’ve heard so many sad stories of guys/gals losing their work. I still don’t like putting my photos in the cloud because I don’t like depending on a 3rd party company. No guarantees that these companies will remain in business for years and years, not to mention they can be hacked and all your photos can be stolen. Call me careful, but I plan to stick to my 3 redundant back-ups with 2 local copies and 1 copy stored in a secure, geographically separate location that I often change (bank boxes are a good option for this).

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