15 Portrait Photography Tips I Learned Last Week [IP89]

Jim and Darin meet to discuss 15 Portrait Photography Tips each of us learned last week.  These tips and tricks range from taking portraits of Olympic Gold Medalists all the way to photographing our families.

What's in this episode

  • Taking your own family photos. – (Jim's Family Photo Link 1  Jim's Family Photo Link 2)
  • Using a flash transmitter as a remote shutter.
  • Getting to know your client with safe shots.
  • Why assistants keep us on our toes and at the top of our game.
  • Blacking out the background using flash.
  • Always having a Plan B.
  • Why the Clone Tool in Photoshop might be dead.
  • The importance of networking with local photographers on local Facebook Groups.
  • Focusing, it's all in the eyes. – Unless there is a beard.
  • Rethinking the shot when looking at the LCD is not an option.
  • Backing up between shoot locations/setups.

Resources Mentioned


5 thoughts on “15 Portrait Photography Tips I Learned Last Week [IP89]”

  1. Hi Jim,

    The last 2 episodes (88 and this one) are not listed on the website under the Podcast category. I was just following your twitter link so I saw this one, but they are not accessible from the website navigation. Just to let you know.

    Probably jetlag from West Virginia, he he, but then I cannot imagine what it will be for you from Iceland!

    Great podcast though, as usual.

    1. Jim and I noticed this on different devices and we thought it could be a Browser Cache setting. Could you please clear your cache Theirry and see if this fixes the problem? Kind Regards. – Darin

  2. Hi Jim, in the podcast you mentioned there was a guide on how to use flash to black out the background of a photo. Can you link us to that page?

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