15 Landscape Photography Tips I Learned Last Week [IP90]

Jim & Darin discuss some Landscape Photography Tips we learned over the past week.  Tips range from using a the lens filters to taking control of undesired color in Lightroom.  Darin & Jim also talk about a few photography news items.

What's in this episode:

  • Using a Polarizer to cut down glare and reduce unwanted highlights.
  • How Neutral Density Filters help intentionally blur parts of the photo.
  • Staying away from Interpolated ISO & why a low Native ISO is more efficient.
  • The HSL Panel in Lightroom (and ACR) can turn dead color into desirable color.
  • Teasing Jim's 2015 Lightroom Steal – Jim's New Lightroom Presets:  Coming Soon!
  • Why it is important to learn what a Lightroom Preset is doing to your photo.
  • Getting a better exposure by dialing down Exposure Compensation.
  • Cutting out a boring or overly bright sky.
  • University of Oklahoma WR smashes a Canon Lens causing photography policies to change.
  • Knowing when the light is right and taking advantage of it.
  • Apple Releases a 27-inch 5K Retina Display.  – The win goes to higher megapixel cameras!

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3 thoughts on “15 Landscape Photography Tips I Learned Last Week [IP90]”

  1. Hi Jim,
    I’m a long time listener of your podcasts and impressed by your knowledge and contribution to the photography community. Your podcasts are very very informative and at the same time a joy to listen. Kudos to you and Darrin (also to Dustio back then) for keeping us engaged via your episodes.

    With respect to your latest episode (#90), you mentioned about the new river gorge bridge and the beautiful fog underneath that – hence you needed to dial in negative 0.3 exposure to compensate for the camera’s automatic exposure as you were shooting in aperture priority.

    Isn’t it the other way, that the camera sees the fog as bright scene and tries to under expose it – so to compensate we’ll have to “add” exposure (say +0.3)? Can you please clarify?

    However, I remember from film days (yes, I’ve used them long back) we would use to dial down (underplay) the ISO from what’s actually there in the film to trick the camera and match the needle. Is that in the same lines as what you’ve mentioned or am I confusing them up?

    Appreciate your help.

    Thanks & Regards,

  2. Thanks for your insights on Lightroom Preset. I’ve often looked at them and wondered what to do with them or how they could improve my picture. After listening to you, I’m off to experiment and just see what sort of look I can come up with.

  3. A couple weeks ago I listened to this podcast and forgot to comment- either this one or episode 91, I believe these two episodes were split into two. Anyway, I loved how Darin compared Jim to Macgyver – it is so very accurate. You should make and sell WWJHD – What Would Jim Harmer Do. Then on shoots is something goes wrong, I could look at my WWJHD bracelet for inspiration! I really love listening to how things go wrong for you both. You are both amazing professional photographers, but things still go wrong. It isn’t perfect for either of you and you still find ways make it work when things go wrong…. Like a speedlight dropped in a lake, cameras crapping out mid-shoot or forgetting an entire bag of gear. next time something goes wrong for me, I’ll just think WWJHD!

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