Friends, Family, & Inspiration w/ Darin Mellor [IP88]

Darin sits down to formally introduce himself and shares how he got to where he is today.  A discussion about the importance of family, friends, networking, peers, and mentors are mentioned as a way to stay inspired.  Using tips from our recent landscape show, [IP86], Darin finds ways to creatively take pictures alongside his father whom is also an avid professional photographer.

What's in this episode

  • Jim's travels to Portland, Oregon and Babcock State Park in West Virginia.
  • A teaser as to what happened causing a Nikon D810 to end up in a watery grave.
  • The value of friends, family, peers, and mentors inspiring us to shoot more and think differently.
  • Finding the best opportunity or season to shoot a particular subject or location.

Resources Mentioned 

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  1. Listening to the show – well done Darin! You pulled this through fabulously! Great to “get to know” you better.

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