Earning & Owning the Perspective, Q&A with Jim & Darin [IP87]

Jim & Darin sit down to answer a few questions from not only listeners of the Improve Photography Podcast, but also a question from a PhotoClasses.com student.  Darin & Jim answer questions about earning a living through paid shoots, publishing your work, and more.

What's in this episode

  • A discussion of when model releases are needed.
  • Tips & Tricks for taking better action shots with low ambient light.
  • The benefits and drawbacks of different flash modes; and differences between front curtain, rear curtain, or slow sync settings.
  • Deciding whether taking on a sponsor is going to help or hinder your brand.
  • Steps in getting your work noticed and published.
  • Why it is is tough for photographers to begin charging for their work.

Resources Mentioned 

  • Squarespace – (Get a Free Trial & 10% off at checkout by using the offer code: IMPROVE)
  • Sworl – (Try the Free Sworl Free Framing App now and get 20% off your first order with promo code: IMPROVE)
  • Triggertrap (Jim's Doodad of the Week)
  • Sony QX-1 & QX-30 (Darin's Doodad of the Week)

5 thoughts on “Earning & Owning the Perspective, Q&A with Jim & Darin [IP87]”

  1. I heard the question that the women had concerning her shutter speed. I am a Canon shooter and if she would upload the photo with the EXIF data I would take a look. Canon has a mode for the shutter that is listed as quiet shutter mode 1 or mode 2. If the camera is not in mode 1 you will not get the fastest shutter speed that the camera has. There is a third mode ( I don’t remember it at this moment).

  2. In your recent podcast you said Scott Kelby and his gang switch to Canon because Canon gave them money. What evidence of this do you have where is your proof? Also as far as I know Scott Kelby is the only one that switch the Canon any switch back Houston and started out with Canon.

  3. Hey Guys,
    All I ask is that you watch “The Grid” episode #160. In it Scott talks about Canon and Nikon and what the relationship is in the first 20min. I’m Not angry, I just feel you have your facts wrong. I really enjoy the show, keep up the great work. Keith

    1. Hey Keith, I wish I hadn’t said that in the podcast. It really wasn’t an attempt to call anyone out. I was just giving an example of a sponsor, but I think it sounded wrong. In fact, I just chatted with one of the Photoshop guys this week about it.

      I do regret using that example because it sounded wrong, but I don’t think anything I said was factually incorrect. Canon sponsored Scott’s tours and sent him tens of thousands of dollars of gear, and suddenly he switched. There’s nothing WRONG with sponsorships. Not at all! It’s a normal business practice. Nothing wrong with it at all.

      I was merely explaining how sponsorships can impact objectivity, and used an unfortunate example.

      1. Yes Canon does sponsor Kelby and the tours but they were doing so before he switch…and for a good bit of time.

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