RAID’ing Photokina News [IP83]

Jim & Darin talk about big news from Photokina 2014 and various ways to back up photography related files. Before discussing the very exciting products unveiled at Photokina Jim & Darin emphasize the importance of redundant backups for Lightroom Catalogs, photos, and more.

What's in this episode

  • An important discussion of why it is important have multiple copies of important files.
  • Exploring the various options photographers can use to back up their work.
  • Two new cameras from Canon and Nikon that have Jim & Darin very excited.
  • Samsung making waves with a new Mirrorless system loaded with some pretty powerful features.
  • Scott Kelby's 2014 Annual Worldwide Photo Walk

Resources Mentioned 

5 thoughts on “RAID’ing Photokina News [IP83]”

  1. Hello Guys,

    I am listening to your most recent podcast covering storage devices. I am an Network Engineer in my day job. You had mentioned the Drobo and the Pegasus systems. I personally run a Qnap 439-Pro. You guys are right on the money with these type of devices. I also recommend pointing out that Western Digital now offers 6TB Red drives which are made for NAS systems. While they are not the fastest drives they do allow for a huge amount of data and relatively inexpensive vs Enterprise class raid drives. Three drives will get you 6TB of Raid 1 storage plus a backup drive for the same price as the Pegasus system. I also use an external drive bay that is actively air cooled and connects to the server VIA ESATA. This drive is my backup drive. The server backs up automatically every week, after 12 months I remove the external drive and take it offsite for storage.

    Keep up the great podcast!

  2. Jason Konarzewski

    I heard your discussion about Wi fi and realized you missed something. I have a 6d and my understanding is that the top is not metal to allow the Wi fi signal to work. So there is truth to the statement that you can’t do Wi fi in a FULL metal body.

  3. Dropbox? So what happened? A few weeks ago you were moaning and groaning that a new Drobo drive had died and that the support from Drobo was less than satisfactory? Seem to remember that you were going to do a follow up report.

    1. @Pierre – That’s correct. I didn’t get the support I wanted and probably deserved from Drobo, but I decided I’d give it some time. Since this one issue, I haven’t had any trouble, and just in case something DOES happen, I have a backup. We’ll see how it pans out over time, but I don’t dare leave Drobo yet because the little suckers are FAST!

  4. I looked at external storage options including drobo but the terrible customer service really turned me off. Ended up with a synology nas and I’ve been more than satisfied with their product and support!

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