Shooting into the Sun, Q&A w/ Jim & Darin [IP80]

In this episode Jim & Darin answer audio questions from fans of the Improve Photography Podcast.  Jim and Darin weigh in on questions about Lightroom, lenses, camera systems, focusing, shooting into the sun and more.

What's in this episode

  • Testing a lens for moisture or water damage.
  • Evaluating technique before fine-tuning (micro-adjusting) a lens with focus issues.
  • How to find a good guide for a photo trip.
  • The link between Lightroom (Lr) and Photoshop (Ps) when passing files between the two.
  • Dynamic Range issues when shooting into the sun.
  • Sticking with a tried and true camera system with today's mirrorless systems having room for improvements.

Resources Mentioned

1 thought on “Shooting into the Sun, Q&A w/ Jim & Darin [IP80]”

  1. Hi, Jim & Darin –

    Regarding the question about Lightroom & Photoshop workflow – I just wanted to mention that, in current versions of the programs, if you choose “Edit In -> Open as Smart Object in Photoshop” you actually can make adjustments to the RAW processing settings even after saving as a TIF. Double-clicking on the Smart Object in Photoshop will open Camera RAW with your original settings intact, and any changes you make will be saved as part of the image you’re working on. They will not be saved back to the Lightroom settings, though, so you’d either need to duplicate the changes in Lightroom or save the edited version from Camera RAW and import it into Lightroom.

    I’m enjoying the podcast – keep up the good work!

    – Jack

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